Minimal Effort Free Crypto - Week #3 Review

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2 years ago

While last week I made a whopping +3.01 USD with my "minimal effort free crypto" approach, I'm eager to see whether week 3 will show an increase or not (still have not lost hope for a slow but steady increase).

Week #3 Review and Learnings

My highlights / summary for this week:

  • I won 5000 lottery tickets, 5000 reward points, and 500 satoshi on by spinning the wheel of fortune. Not much luck with regular hourly rolls though.

  • on cointiply I continued as usual: a few faucet rolls throughout the day, clicking a few PTC ads, and collecting the free daily bonus on Minimal effort, but also no "big" gains this week. (still hoping for luck here)

  • still happily using brave browser for BAT token rewards and using presearch as my default search engine. PRE token price doubled since last week when presearch announced their new search nodes infrastructure, yay! :) 

  • on publish0x I'm mostly reading + tipping, but also I set myself the goal to keep publishing this weekly update. Cross-posting to seems not bad to increase reach a bit while keeping the effort low. Also registered for recently, let's see how that's going.

  • Registered for some new faucets this week, all of them work pretty similar: keep visiting daily, link social media accounts (and use brave browser :D) for extra bonuses. You can claim once per day, so this is near to zero effort

    • getZEN let's you claim your daily ZEN token

    • globalhive for claiming free daily ZCASH 

    • pipeflare let's you claim DOGE, ZEC and FLR once per day

#3 in Numbers

Wrapping up, here are the numbers:

Current value / stats per faucet

USD value calculated using current market price at 2021-02-05

  • 0.53 USD (+0.09 USD) / 0.00001413 BTC (+0.00000147 BTC), 5742 (+5120) reward points, 0 referrals

  • cointiply: 1.21 USD (+0.23 USD) / 0.00003210 BTC (+0.00000349 BTC), level 17 (+2), 1124 reward points (+217), loyalty bonus 19% (+7%), cointiplier 1.55x, 0 referrals

  • publish0x: 3.49 USD (+1.94 USD) from tipping, 0.10 USD (+0.06 USD) from publishing, 4 (+1) posts, 0 referral tips

  • presearch: 4.98 USD (+3.30 USD) / eligible 61 PRE (+30 PRE) of total 101 PRE (+39 PRE), level 6 (+1), 0 referrals

  • BAT: 3.67 USD (+1.63 USD) / 10.250 BAT (+3.525 BAT)

  • 0.33 USD (+0.17 USD) from articles + 0.13 USD (+0.13 USD) in total 0.00107974 BCH (+0.00065315 BCH)

  • pipeflare: 0.01 USD / 0.00021618 ZEC, 0.01 USD / 0.19527902 DOGE394 FLR

  • getZEN: 0.01 USD / 0.00010436 ZEN

  • globalhive: 0.01 USD / 0.00006890 ZEC

Total earnings: 14.64 USD (+ 7.75 USD this week)


Judgement for Week #3

Still peanuts, but honestly better than I thought: from +3.01 USD to +7.75 USD my earnings just doubled this week. This was mostly due to presearchpublish0x and Brave, as well as the bullish market driving token values up.

Eager to see how next week is going :D

Stay healthy and enjoy the weekend!

(note: this has been cross-posted from here)

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