Minimal Effort Free Crypto - Week #2 Review

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2 years ago

A quick update from my last week's review on "minimal effort" free crypto faucets below.

Week #2 Review and Learnings

My "crypto week" in a few words:

  • I'm still visiting and cointiply several times a day for the free dice rolls, but earnings are really really low (I still hope for being lucky and hitting the jackpot which is roughly ~200 USD).

    • I could have made the same progress on cointiply by completing 2 surveys (but that hurts and I don't want to invest time in surveys)

    • heard from other people that they make ~400 USD / month just on cointiply (but investing 6-8 hours per day!!) -- not my choice

    • on cointiply: occasionally clickling a few PTC ads during boring meetings, and grabbing my daily bonus on

    • on spinning the wheel of fortune once a day, in addition to the free dice rolls 

  • still happily using brave browser with BAT rewards enabled. It's increasing quite slowly, but steadily, and indeed zero effort. So I'm gonna stay.

    • a bit unhappy about having to sign up & KYC with uphold just for transferring to a wallet, but still hoping that other wallets will be supported once I reach the 25 BAT minimum withdrawal amount 

  • having configured presearch as the default search engine in my browser really pays off the most so far. Again zero effort if you are a heavy browser / search engine user anyway during your day job.

    • note to self: still haven't fully read the whitepaper, but it looks somewhat professional on first sight at least

    • search results are OK, mostly usable for me, but occasionally I still drop of to duckduckgo

  • reading on publish0x keeps me learning about crypto in general, and regular tipping also steadily increases my token earnings

    • is it always the first tip of the day seems that gets you 4x higher amount, or is it random?

  • well OK, writing this article on publish0x is definitely not "minimal effort", but at least I'm now cross-posting to for increased reach 

Week #2 in Numbers

Wrapping up, I spent more initial effort (still in learning / understanding phase) than I thought would be needed, and the "earnings" are quite low for the time I invested.

Current value / stats per faucet

USD value calculated using current market price at 2021-01-29

  • 0.44 USD (+0.13 USD) / 0.00001266 BTC (+0.00000347 BTC), 622 (+216) reward points, 0 referrals

  • cointiply: 0.98 USD (+0.40 USD) / 0.00002861 BTC (+0.00001124 BTC), level 15 (+5), 907 reward points (+374), loyalty bonus 12% (+7%), cointiplier 1.55x, 0 referrals

  • publish0x: 1.55 USD (+0.69 USD) from tipping, 0.04 USD (+0.04 USD) from publishing, 3 posts, 0 referral tips

  • presearch: 1.68 USD (+1.17 USD) / eligible 31 PRE (+17 PRE) of total 62 PRE (+34 PRE), level 5, 0 referrals

  • BAT: 2.04 USD (+0.42 USD) / 6.725 BAT (+1.820 BAT)

  • 0.16 USD (+0.16 USD) / 0.00042659 BCH (+0.00042659 BCH)

Total value: 6.89 USD (+ 3.01 USD)

Judgement for Week #2

It's getting forward very slowly... I will keep observing and reporting every week for you to follow. Still kinda depressing, but let's see how it goes further...

=> Let's see you next week with the updated numbers.

Stay healthy!

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