Minimal Effort Free Crypto - Week #1 Review

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Minimal Effort Free Crypto

I recently started using faucets and other providers of "free" crypto, and my idea was to post a regular / weekly update here on how it's going. That weekly update should include an earnings report, as well as learnings and lessons learned.

My goal was to only use services which require minimal interaction and effort. Let's further observe over time if that holds true or not... 

These are the faucets or other suppliers of free crypto that I'm using now (disclaimer: referral links below):

  • using and cointiply for a free dice roll that you can do once per hour (earning a few satoshi per roll)

  • every now and then visiting publish0x and tipping a few authors (up to the maximum of 6 tips per day)

  • using presearch to get paid for searching on the web (up to 8 PRE token or up to 0.24 USD per day at current rate)

  • using brave browser with BAT rewards enabled, occasionally showing a few ads

#1 Review and Learnings

My summary for this week:

  • I managed to keep the interactions during the day to a bearable minimum (yes, I have day job ;))

  • eventually I was visiting and for a free roll every few hours:

    • my biggest win was 500 satoshi on the wheel of fortune (you get one free spin per day)

    • other than that no "big luck" and mostly winning the minimum amount in the free rolls (5-6 satoshi)

    • the free dice proves to be very low effort / low interaction (just solve captcha and roll)

    • I noticed that with every roll I'm collecting reward points as well (use them to redeem bonuses / satoshi)

  • my experience with cointiply so far:

    • I noticed it was much harder to NOT engage because you essentially get higher rewards the more you interact / engage with the site

    • still, during the day, I maintained discipline and only took the free faucet rolls (5-6 satoshi)

    • with every free roll visit, I also activated the "rain pool bonus" for extra bonus (5-20 satoshi)

    • in the evenings, I occasionally clicked through a series PTC ("paid to click") ads (5-20 satoshi for each ad viewed)

    • also in the evening, I started the and let it run on a secondary monitor ("paid to view"). It turns out this is the most passive way and yields comparatively high earnings on cointiply (~50 satoshi per hour video was running, depending on number of ads shown)

    • surveys and game / app installations will definitely get you the most rewards / earnings, but are VERY time consuming (I completely avoided that so far)

  • using presearch I just started recently, first impressions:

    • made it my default search engine in the Brave browser by installing the extension (using it from the omnibar now)

    • most of the times I find what I'm looking for, but quality + quantity of results is not on par with google or duckduckgo

    • I easily reach the maximum rewardable amount of 32 searches / 8 PRE token per day just by normal usage

  • regarding Brave browser + BAT tokens:

    • earnings potential seems to decline as more users are using it

    • number of ad campaigns (and thus earning potential) is different per country (e.g. US has by far the most campaigns running)

    • still, even if it's realistically less than 5 USD per month, it feels still not much intrusive to me (and would use Brave anyway because chrome is bad)

  • concerning publish0x platform:

    • earnings for tipping are quite high given that you could consider it zero effort (and depending on how much you tip author/you)

    • I found myself that I was actually reading or at least skimming over the articles I visited for a tip, I have not followed anyone yet though

    • writing articles (like this one) is much more time consuming than I thought (i.e. I would need quite a few tips in order for it to pay out)


Week #1 in Numbers

Wrapping up, I spent more initial effort (still in learning / understanding phase) than I thought would be needed, and the "earnings" are quite low for the time I invested.

Current value / stats per faucet

USD value calculated using current market price at 2021-01-22

  • 0.31 USD (0.00000919 BTC), 406 reward points, 0 referrals

  • cointiply: 0.59 USD (0.00001737 BTC), level 10, 533 reward points, loyalty bonus 5%, cointiplier 1.55x, 0 referrals

  • publish0x: 0.86 USD (various tokens), 2 posts published, 51 views + 1 likes (past 30 days), 0 referral tips

  • presearch: 0.41 USD (14 eligible PRE), 28 total PRE, 0 referrals

  • BAT: 1.62 USD (4.905 BAT)

Total (unclaimed) value: 3.79 USD

Judgement for Week

This week feels quite bad in terms of time invested vs value earned. But that was expected due to the ramp-up and familiarization required.

Still having hopes this will get better over time, and that's also the motivation for me to start with this weekly review. While this lets everyone follow my journey (and decide for themselves if it's worth it or not), it also lets me keep better track of the progress.

Hope you will find that kind of summary useful. Let me know in the comments if you do, or if you have any suggestions or whatsoever.

Stay healthy!

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