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"You don't die before what you judge happens to you."

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10 months ago
Image by Juan Diego Salinas  from Pixabay

"You don't die before what you judge happens to you."

The universe is full of contradictions. Good-Bad, Plus-Minus, Positron-Electron, True-False etc.

If we go to extremes on a subject, it triggers the same effect to occur at the opposite extreme. I think this situation is very complex, but I think the simplest explanation would be "The Universe balances everything."

There have been times in my life where overly judgmental people have come into my life. I have witnessed many times that everyone who has an overly judgmental attitude on a subject begins to experience the things they judge as time progresses, and this time they judge the things they used to hold on to.

It is like a man who strongly advocates that the color pink does not suit men, that men should wear dark clothes, and who almost hates men who wear pink clothes, started to wear pink clothes and now judges men who wear dark clothes.

However, the problem here is not the color pink. The real problem is in our judgmental mindset.

We can be very religious, very faithful, very smiling, very intelligent, never lying, very social people. Or we can be a tolerant, loving person who believes in scientific evidence, listens to the voice of reason. It can be all together. Just as not all religious people are absolutely moral, being an atheist does not mean being immoral.

Tolerance to my faith and reason is the center point of universal balance. An authoritarian, tyrannical, judgmental mindset triggers intolerance, discrimination, inequality, fear, injustice and war.

We all have equal responsibility for making the world more tolerant.

Evil and good are choices. Our labels do not change the nature of the choices we make.

If we are honest in our personal life, we can be honest in our business life, in our political views. Due to our job, every time we support wrong and move away from truth, we stray so far from our honesty.

True honesty is staying honest in our private life, in politics, in our business life, and in social media.

Let's go back to the first sentence. A judgmental person is judgmental on both extremes. If he likes pink, he will judge those who don't like pink. If he doesn't like pink, he will judge those who love pink. In this case, there is no fault of pink. The real problem is the judgmental mindset.

Only if tolerance is at the center of our lives in our business, politics, football, friendship, and family life, we can only have a healthy perception and honest choices between good and bad, without judging anyone.

We may have chosen the government we elected because we did not have enough information about it. But when the government moves away from honesty, morality and tolerance, we can make a different choice. We do not have to give up honesty and integrity when our party gives up honesty and integrity. It is best for us to choose a new party that fits the virtues of honesty and integrity, which are the most important elements for us.

No matter what party, belief or philosophy it is, it can embrace everyone and humanity as long as it stays in the center of tolerance. Because the absence of tolerance triggers judgment, social segregation and discrimination, opening up gaps between different extremes. As the abyss deepens, so does violence, strife and war.

No matter what faith, religion, sect, country, party or company we belong to, let there be tolerance in our center. Regardless of our age, gender, social status or profession, let's remember that we are all human first.

Tolerance is key.

Do you want a better world? Show tolerance.

Do you want their relationship to be better? Show tolerance.

Do you want peace in your country and in the world? Show tolerance.

But no matter what, let there be tolerance in your family, friends, business life, political life, but the concepts of honesty and integrity in all areas of your life.

Don't be on the side of evil. But don't be judgmental of those who don't think like you.

Do not forget;

"You don't die before what you judge happens to you."

Image by John Hain from Pixabay

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Written by   124
10 months ago
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If we go beyond the judgmental ones, we are stuck with the walls of partisan structures in politics and fanatics in sports. It is very difficult to break prejudices, people over a certain age are closed to all the updates of life. No matter what you design or show, the ideas are stable.

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10 months ago

I am afraid of people who describe me as a good person and praise me. Because when I act outside the mold they think I am good at, they are the ones who label me a bad person this time. :))

When we evaluate people only according to certain patterns, we actually become open to judgment.

Therefore, in my opinion, it is necessary to be open-minded, but this should not mean being neutral or insensitive. Nor should we be narrow-minded, bigoted, hypersensitive, overreacting people.

If the love, tolerance and loyalty we feel towards one side should not cause judgment, hatred or violence against the other side.

The extreme feelings we feel towards a person, group or party should not blind us. The more we go to extremes, the more we narrow down our options and confine ourselves to a small box. Because no one will fully comply with our definition of goodness, morality, honesty, love and respect. This brings us to our own personal philosophy, doctrine.

And this distances us from other people because it does not fit our own personal philosophy and doctrine. Either we try to establish an overt or covert authority to make others accept what we believe in and people move away from us, or we move away from them.

In order to love someone, they don't have to obey us unconditionally, accept what we say unconditionally, support the team we support, the party we support.

We don't need to judge or hate those who hold different opinions. It is the structure of consciousness that deepens this chasm. From that party, from that team, from that gender, from that country, we deepen the chasm.

Human is human. Opinions can change. As people tolerate each other and embrace each other, the impact of extremes on the world will decrease.

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10 months ago