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Turning negative thoughts into positive

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8 months ago

Certain numbers like 3, 7, 21, 40 have significance and power. Our brain can get used to a new way of thinking in 21 days. Healing systems, affirmations are based on 21 days. "If you say something 40 times, it will happen", our ancestors say.

It is important again. Whatever we repeat the most becomes a part of our life. Therefore, what we think, how often and for the duration of time is as important as our words.

Repetition and time are important for success and happiness in life.

This does not mean:

"Every day I think of my ex. But he still hasn't returned to me. I think about him every day, but we're still apart.

First of all, the law of free will is valid. We cannot influence other people's decisions or make anyone love us. Second, constantly thinking about past events and situations makes it stronger. Thinking about separation, pain, heartbreak does not bring our ex to us. On the contrary, it increases the likelihood that we will experience separation, pain, and heartbreak even in a new relationship. Because our brain has gotten used to it. We encoded our subconscious with these feelings and thoughts. Therefore, the universe will bring us the order we have given.

So we must heal the past. We must replace every thought and feeling that we do not want, that hurts us, that connects us to the past, with positive ones. The return of our ex to us is definitely not a positive thought. First of all, we must know what we want. Things that we went through in our past experiences may even have occurred to help us understand what we actually wanted. However, it is not that simple, of course.

What do we really want? When we understand what we really want, we have to form positive thoughts, dreams, plans for it.

Then we have to put these thoughts, plans and dreams into action. If we repeat new positive thoughts every day, make plans and support them with our dreams, this will bring about changes in our lives. Without worrying about precision and duration, we can steadily retain our new, reinforced consciousness.

The point is to turn negative into positive. When we think of a negative thought, we can instead generate a positive thought and neutralize the negative thought. This is not about avoiding negative thinking, but turning the negative into positive.

So how can we do that?

Even if external factors affect this, we are the ones who accept and approve every positive or negative thought and make it the reality of our existence. We are the ones who think these thoughts over and over again, even if they come from an outside source. In other words, even if we have acquired the seed of our thoughts from outside, we have nurtured and nurtured them. We are the farmers. The field is ours. We reap what we plant. So if we want, we can sow seeds of nutritious products instead of harmful herbs. For example, we planted wheat in our field. But weeds also grew. We can continue to clean our field of weeds, feed and grow our wheat.

For example, if we have an idea that you are unsuccessful, we should start thinking about our successes. We have really been successful in so many things in our lives that you will be sure to be surprised the more you remember. As we focus on success, we will transform harmful thoughts about failure into positive, nurturing thoughts. As we clear our mental field of negative, harmful thoughts, our positive, nourishing thoughts will become stronger.

After a while, when a negative thought comes to our mind, we will easily focus on our positive thoughts and enjoy it.

Thank you for your reading.

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Written by   96
8 months ago
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It is healthier to think positive. It works that way for me. I didn't know about the 40 times repetitions, I will try to do it and see what happens hahaha, Thanks for your article.

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8 months ago

I guess the numbers are important for our brain to acquire a new habit. I do not count much either. In general, I try to think positively. However, when we want to make something a habit that is the opposite of our normal habit, a 21-day process can make it easier so that it does not feel difficult to get used to this change.

For example, in order to love ourselves, to value ourselves, to accept ourselves as we are, it can be suggested again at least 21 times every day for 21 days.

Repeating the affirmations of "I love myself. I accept myself as I am. I value myself.", 21 every day, makes it easier for our subconscious to be coded with these affirmations by making our brain believe in it. After a while, these sentences can awaken these feelings in us. For me the important thing is to create that feeling. When those feelings arise, it is easier to remember, stimulate and strengthen those feelings every day. After a while, those positive feelings become a part of us and we feel that way every moment. The numbers really do have an effect. If we can revive those feelings within us at any time, we can make these feelings permanent. When those feelings become a part of us, there is no need for numbers.

Repeating certain words for certain numbers activates the energy of that word. My favorite word is "Love". I cross my mind the word love and try to feel it. Sometimes I try to repeat the following sentences inside me, feeling the meanings of those sentences. I try to feel the number without thinking much.

"I am love." "I am the light."

A certain number of repetitions can make it easier to break down a negative thought and belief and replace it with positive thoughts and beliefs. If we already have those feelings, we can feel them again whenever we want. Repeating can strengthen those feelings and make them permanent.

Thanks for reading my dear friend🙏

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8 months ago