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True love is based on compassion

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11 months ago

Now, I put the teapot bag in the water glass and took a sip of the tea to which I added the hot water, and started my writing. I've been watching a vlog called "Noluyo Ya ¿" for 2 days. I really loved it. The reasons are:

  • Natural,

  • fun,

  • Comic,

  • Swearing vs. There are no teenage things like

  • No efforts to slander other vloggers,

  • There are many more reasons, but I can't think of all of them.

Fun videos were shot of the natural life of a husband and wife who love each other, especially the daily life and travels of Ceyda and Fırat.

I want to have such a fun life when I get married one day. ♥️

Vlog link : here

Friendship is a beautiful thing. I believe that the person you marry should be your best friend, your confidant, the person who is with you in your good and bad days. Beauty and sexuality may not be with us until the end of our life, but the person you want to share life with for the rest of your life should be suitable for your character. The man you love for his muscles won't be that muscular after 50. Don't let your love melt when the muscles melt.

The woman whose beauty you are attracted to can become beautiful again with make-up, but if you expect the person you wake up to in the same bed every morning to be like an Instagram model, you may be disappointed.

If you love someone, the lines on their skin, bags under the eyes and freckles should not reduce your love. You should love the person you love in every way.

You should not choose a man with a belly and force him to do sports and build muscle.

After you marry a woman who likes to dress freely and travel, you should not put her in the hijab and keep her at home.

You should not deceive anyone by making big promises before marriage. Everything physical changes over time, but the change of someone whose character you fall in love with should not turn you away from him.

Also, in marriage (of course, in every relationship), secrets harm the relationship. So you should not keep secrets from your wife/husband. This destroys trust in each other.

Talking is much more important in any relationship, but especially in marriage. I don't think it's possible to have a great lifelong relationship with someone we can't sit down with and talk to. Because talking is the most basic way to communicate. Of course, there are married couples who understand each other even without speaking. But even the basis of this is talking. Because as we get to know the person with whom we are constantly talking and communicating effectively, we come to know each other enough to complete each other's words.

Love (I'm not talking about falling in love) is what should be at the core of every relationship. The closest person we have a relationship with is our wife/husband. (Friends, not bros.) You must love your wife/husband. You must love him/her as a human being first.

This is true love, not sexual attraction. Because we cannot knowingly hurt the person we love. But love can always turn into hate. Love that is not based on true love is temporary and sometimes dangerous. If you're in love with someone whose character annoys you almost entirely, your life can be turned upside down. You ask why? Because what you think of as love is not really love, but a mess created by sexual, chemical and psychological contradictions.

True love is a completely different feeling. Love is the core of true love.

In Europe, where sexuality is hastily experienced at the age of 18, and in Central Asia, where a girl is married against her will to a person she does not know before she turns 18 due to cultural pressure, sexuality is introduced so early that relationships in which love does not even come to mind.

I'm 18. Even thinking that I have to experience sexuality may be the result of social pressure. An adult of 18 years of age has the freedom to experience their own choices and their consequences. However, this does not mean that you have to have sexual experience on the day of turning 18.

Obligation, social pressure, peer pressure is not freedom. I think that the pressure of our family, who married us at an early age without our consent, and having to have sex with a person we don't like in order not to be humiliated in the eyes of our peers is not much different. Because pressure restricts our freedom, whether it comes from family, society, friends. Talking about love in both is nonsense.

The lack of options or the fact that there are too many options sometimes prevent us from making the right choice. Also, the choices we make in the past affect the choices we make today. Virginity is the most important thing for a girl who grew up in Islamic culture. Losing her virginity as a result of a wrong decision she made in the past affects her life completely.

I can't go into too much detail, but if you had your first sexual experience with a porn star, all your life's sexual experiences may be overshadowed. The worst part is to make the mistake of defining relationships as just perfect sex.

True love is based on love and compassion. Sex-based relationships, on the other hand, are the most distant from true love.

Falling in love with someone you don't even hold hands with; Spouses who love each other and do not lose their loyalty, even though they are far and apart despite the weeks, months and years that have passed; Those who can successfully manage long distance relationships; Those who love each other with their flaws and accept each other as they are.

There are many examples of true love. That's what I felt in the vlog "Noluyo Ya¿" I watched. I admire it.

Love is the first condition of happiness in any relationship.

What I want to say is that in any society, love should be the most important thing. We all see how easily relationships without love end. But true love is the essence that keeps the relationship strong, durable and unshakable, even in the face of time, distance, and different options.

Love and greetings to you all.

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Written by   124
11 months ago
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Your are points are good. Because we should not get someone unsuitable and force them to change into suitable. Why not just pick some one suItable. And about the secrets, we should not let entry any secrets between relationships that works as a breaker. Thanks for this meaningful article sir.

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11 months ago

I'm so glad you liked it. Trust is important in any relationship. Lies, secrets, secret deeds are felt by people close to us even if they are not known. Every secret that comes between us and our loved ones lengthens the distance between us. This makes us lonely even when the people closest to us are present.

There should be no secrets between us and our loved ones, so we can be truly close to each other and truly understand each other.

I know that the strongest, solid relationships are those based on love, intimacy and trust.

I really thank you for your valuable comment.

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11 months ago

Thank you so much, for your big and awesome reply. I know you from noise cash sir. And yeah trust is the main key in relationships. And we should not keep any secrects between the loved ones. Truth is the only one way to have a good relationship.

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11 months ago