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To criticize others or to organize your own life?

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1 year ago

In many places, articles and messages about our discomfort with people in our lives attract my attention.

There are so many people who constantly talk about the people who disturb them in their lives, the people who break their hearts...

The thing is, we choose the people in our lives, even if we don't consciously choose them. For example, you are the one who chose the boyfriend who broke your heart...

"But I didn't know he was going to break my heart."

Our subconscious mind affects our lives much more than our conscious. However, we are the ones who feed our subconscious in a way that negatively affects our lives.

For example, in a drama movie, the leading male character breaks the female character's heart. You are upset and afraid that something like this will happen to you. You fed your subconscious mind with these feelings and thoughts. As this repeats, your subconscious mind is preparing scenarios for you to experience similar ones.

"Why? Is my subconscious my enemy? Why would my subconscious mind plot against me like that?"

Our subconscious mind, like our servant at your service, is adept at preparing for us the like of what we have given it.

Think like artificial intelligence. Our subconscious mind has its own intelligence. However, it does not distinguish between our emotional states as positive or negative. It doesn't judge our thoughts as good or bad. It simply prepares for us what is in harmony with what we give it. Fear, anger, hatred, grudge, sadness, disappointment are neutral for it.

Actually, everything is more complicated. Because our conscious memory can forget, but our subconscious never forgets. However, it is possible to program our subconscious to work in harmony with our wishes. Bioenergy systems such as affirmations, suggestion mp3s, reiki can partially do this. But no technique has yet been invented to do exactly that.

We want to eat a lot, but not to gain weight at all. Yes, our subconscious can do that.

Undoubtedly, if you have faith, you can walk on water.

If you have an unshakable belief, you can program your subconscious in an instant. If you believe you can succeed, you will. But you must not let your fears, anxieties and doubts hold you back.

Have you ever worked with affirmations? For example, repeat the affirmation "I love myself". Can you feel it? Do you feel that your love for yourself fills your heart? Or do you think that you have flaws that prevent you from loving yourself? When you say you love yourself, your consciousness may resist it. But as long as you repeat this, your heart will be filled with love for yourself.

One day someone will come into your life who loves you and doesn't hurt you. As a result of your self-love, respect and self-worth, you will be able to choose people who value you.

Say what I said, I want to wrap it up. You are the one who attracts and lets everyone who comes into your life, good or bad, into your life. If you can show your reaction to something that you are uncomfortable with, expressing your self-respect and love, people in your life can be careful not to offend you. Even showing the courage to remove the people you don't want in your life can be an expression of your self-respect.

And the thing is, people tend to treat us the way we treat them, other than to treat us as we let them.

Balance is important. You should treat people well and show more respect and love to people in your life who treat you well.

As long as you allow people who treat you like dirt to be in your life, and as long as you make more concessions from yourself in order for them to treat you well, you will consume your self-respect and love and give your subconscious instructions for similar people to enter your life.

You should choose people who value you, love you, respect you. But first you have to love yourself, respect yourself and value yourself.

You have to value yourself, respect yourself so that people can value and respect you.

Self-worth, self-respect and self-love are not just inner feelings. It is also compatible with behaviors that reflect this.

Chasing the so-called Alpha male that all girls chase goes against all this.

These may be happening to you because you push away people who approach you with love, respect and kindness.

So as long as I reject the blessings that come to you and chase after those who make you feel worthless, this vicious circle will continue.

You should value yourself and let people who show you the value you deserve in your life.

You should love yourself and be with people who express their love for you.

You have to respect yourself and let people who treat you with respect stay in your life.

Because what is consistent is to show love, respect and value to oneself and others.

You shouldn't chase after someone who doesn't value you. If he values you, he will show you that. If he doesn't value you, he doesn't need to be in your life anyway.

Self-loving, self-worth and self-respecting people do not take advantage of people's weaknesses in order for their heads to give love, respect and value. They don't try to manipulate or confuse anyone's mind and emotions into following them. In fact, such people need other people to value, respect, and love themselves.

You are unique. You're special. You are precious. You are worthy of being loved. You don't need my or anyone else's approval to feel these things. You can feel all these wonderful emotions within yourself. And the golden rule is this: your behavior should be in line with these feelings. You don't have to chase after someone to get them to like you. If he loves you, he will already be there for you.

You should not expect all the people in the world to love you, respect you and value you. Those who want love us, those who don't want don't. If we love ourselves, we don't need anyone to love us. And we can show the people who love us, value us and respect us in our lives with the love, respect and value they deserve.

Is your mind still preoccupied with things that make you feel bad and worthless?

Why let your manipulators drain your energy when you can feel the love of the people who love you?

"You can't treat me like that!",

"You can't talk to me like that!"

These two sentences are great when needed. But it should be used in place. After these words, you don't have to keep the people who continue to hurt you, make you feel bad, and make you feel worthless in your life. Many of them start talking to you more carefully after these words. Others simply disappear from your life.

Let the people who deserve to be in your life stay in your life.

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Written by   124
1 year ago
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I agree we should love our self and know our worth. In a relationship, we can't control if our bf/gf will cheat and chose to break our heart. But we have a choice to move on. Good morning

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1 year ago

People can break our hearts. We can say this in a way that suits them. But if we let the same person break our hearts all the time, I think we have the responsibility. Human can make mistakes. However, there may be mistakes that are too big for us to forgive. Or maintaining our relationship with those who repeat the same mistake over and over. If an error doesn't really bother us, it's fine. But I think we should be able to express the things that we feel uncomfortable with to those who did it.

For example, if you tell pink lies and you are not bothered by the pink lies you are told, pink lies are unimportant in your relationships and may not pose a problem at all.

Harmonious relationships are possible by being tolerant of each other's shortcomings and minor mistakes.

If you are someone who hates gossip and you start a relationship with someone even though they like to gossip or you sense this potential in them, you don't need to be a psychic to know that gossip will cause problems in your relationship.

If you are a religious person, you are likely to have frequent problems and arguments with someone who does not believe in God.

I believe in the importance of having harmonious relationships. We can predict with our intuition and logic that someone is opposite or compatible with us.

In fact, we experience most of the problems when we enter into close relationships with people who are not suitable for us.

I believe that in order to gain awareness about which people should be in our lives, we must first get to know ourselves. Otherwise, we learn the hard way by constantly having troubled relationships.

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1 year ago

When it comes to relationship, I could say I learned the hard way. I was hurt to much until I gave up and decided to love myself.

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1 year ago

With the exception of close relationships, the fact that human relations are based on a certain interest may be a situation that most people will object to, but I think that relations that continue most smoothly as long as interest relations are established within certain limits. Evil does not come from far away, the problem starts in close relationships.

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1 year ago

The subject is very broad, but I think that the problems that need to be solved in relationships should be solved by the people themselves. Relationship therapists may be necessary in situations where people cannot solve problems in their relationships.

There is almost no problem in a relationship that cannot be solved. Only if both parties are ready for it. But the solution is between the people in the relationship. Sharing our end with the world may provide temporary relief, but the same problems may persist in hundreds of subsequent relationships without seeking the real solution and putting it into practice.

Awareness is required.

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1 year ago

Nice and useful article You are right my friend We have to stay away from everyone who hurts us

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1 year ago

Thank you so much. Glad you like it my friend. Thank you for your valuable comment. It is nice to know the value of people who approach us with love and compassion.

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1 year ago