The Light at The End of The Dark

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2 years ago

We were stuck between work and home for a while. Anxiety and stress about the corona now and then our health and the economic crisis ...

Spiritual masters who have experienced enlightenment have one thing in common, which is very interesting and indeed promising. Almost every awakening or enlightenment experienced a great difficulty, depression or illness before.

"The darkest moment of the night is before dawn." Maybe you know your word. This is actually a normal cycle of life. In fact, it is the good news that the sun will rise after what we see as the darkest.

No matter how dark it is, the sun will rise again and everything will be lit.

Of course, it is certain that the difficulties we faced during this period were the problems we struggled with. We should know that there are no unsolved problems, no unanswered questions.

Undoubtedly, everything that happens in our lives has a reason. Maybe it is very difficult, but it is the difficulties that make people stronger.

Hazrat Mevlana said, "One candle does not lose anything from its light by igniting the other." "It is not easy to be a candle. To shine a light, you must first burn." says.

Darkness is just an absence of light. Scientists inventors and artists make their discoveries, inventions and works in the most calm, peaceful and inspiring moments, not when they work hard.

To reach the answers, one needs to listen, not to think constantly. When we learn to listen, it is surprising to realize that what we are mostly looking for is as close as the tip of our nose.

Inner peace is the state we are when our mind is silent. Inspiration comes in those states of peace. Inner peace is the raising of our consciousness. We are spiritual beings that can move into different levels of consciousness. Yes, we have a flesh and bone body, but we are more than that. We naturally have the ability to rise to higher levels of consciousness. The height of consciousness has nothing to do with intellectual knowledge. When we reconnect with our spiritual self, we can connect with the channel of wisdom.

Love is a very high level of consciousness. The higher levels of love are feeling love and compassion for all that is.

There is divine love in Sufism. This is love of Allah. This is to love the creature because of its Creator. This is to burn with divine love. It is to disappear. The person who reaches the highest level of this is called Kamil Human. Kamil human definition and Adam Kadmon are very similar to each other.

I learned these from the articles I read in books. So these are intellectual knowledge for me. But I have often noticed that the answers are in me.

You, too, increase your intellectual knowledge by reading this article. But intellectual knowledge can only help us reach the truth. Unless consciousness is raised, one cannot perceive higher information, i and this information does not mean anything.

Even if we read libraries of books and remember all religions and scriptures, we can only access a tiny fraction of wisdom. Knowing spiritual teachings, energy systems, having master certificates, getting intellectual knowledge from our master can only help raise our consciousness.

Even at a high level of consciousness, we encounter such information that our brain cannot interpret it, we want to teach it to others, but we cannot. Because this is not a knowledge that can be taught.

A conscious person does not consider himself superior to anyone. If he does, this is actually evidence of his consciousness raising. Love, affection, self-love can only raise consciousness. God is divine pure love. One who has no love in his heart cannot have anything to do with God. The source of wisdom is God. Where there is no love, there is no wisdom. God is pure light.

Where there is light, darkness cannot rule. The darkness can only be explained by the way that God's light is not there. However, it is impossible to be a place where God does not exist. God is everywhere. So there is divine God, love and light everywhere. Seeing the light shows that we cannot perceive it. If our consciousness is not yet high enough to perceive light, we will see darkness. Darkness doesn't really exist. The only thing that exists is God, Love and Light.

This article is not an excerpt, but a product of inner inspiration. If you ask where I know, I can answer your questions.

With Love ...

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Very well.

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Thank you. It's very nice of you.

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