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Thanks to for contributing to the problems I've had for over a year

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9 months ago

I have been publishing articles on for more than 1 year. I don't publish articles often because only sharing my own thoughts is my first rule. I think posting spam or plagiarism is abusing the site. For this reason, I recommend every new friend here to publish only their own original content where necessary.

Even though we publish original content, sometimes we are out of luck. I don't know why but sometimes our articles go unnoticed by @TheRandomRewarder .

Of course, none of us are perfect writers. But we are happy when we get positive feedback and get rewarded by @TheRandomRewarder bot.

I seldom describe my negative emotional states and difficulties in my life. But this time I will do it. Because I'm human too. If you don't like negative content, you can ignore this article. That's how I do it. Because I have been in such great difficulties for a long time that the smallest negative content, article, video pulls me down. But I'm still trying to fight

I haven't been able to find a suitable job for a long time since I quit my last job.

On top of that, the pandemic process has made this situation even more difficult. Later, my health problems put me in a much more difficult situation. Actually, although I should have had surgery, I could not be operated due to the pandemic.

During these difficult times, the fact that and rewarded our content with BCH eased my difficulties a little bit. I would like to thank the and team and my friends here for their support.

It will be a much more honorable act to do our best with our own efforts, talents and skills rather than begging for help from people. I tried to do that too.

All I want is for the articles I write to be properly reviewed by @TheRandomRewarder . And thanks to the support of and, I'm getting through the hardships I've had due to unemployment, health problems and credit debt a little easier. Thank you.

I learned a lot about BitcoinCash and other cryptocurrencies and tokens through these two sites. I didn't know much about cryptocurrencies before.

I was able to pay the installments of my loan debts by selling BitcoinCash, which I earned several times thanks to and Sometimes the amount I earned was not enough.

Currently, I am looking for a suitable job for me due to my health problems in order to pay my loan debts. Frankly, I was quite hopeful about this as the summer season was about to open and the pandemic restrictions were reduced.

The only thing I want is to be able to pay my loan installments with the support I get for the content I share on and until I find a job that my health allows.

That's why I try to share what I know that will be useful to people. Sometimes I have a hard time finding topics and can't find anything to share for days or weeks. In fact, if I try to share everything that comes to my mind, I can share 5-10 content a day. Because the human mind always produces thoughts. But it will have a toxic effect on those who read it.

That's why I want the content I share to be positive, useful and original. I already have enough negative situations in my life and that's why I avoid negative content. I don't read every post. Even in my own life, no matter how hard I go through, I take care to share the positive aspects with others.

As long as we live and as our health permits, there is hope. If our health allows, we can work, earn money, be happy. We should be grateful for that.

Of course, psychological difficulties affect all of us, but the impact of physical obstacles and difficulties on us is much more than psychological problems.

If you are healthy, your happiness is in your hands. However, it takes much more effort to be happy while experiencing physical obstacles, difficulties and pain.

Despite everything, as long as we can breathe, there is hope and we can be happy again. For example, you have no idea how happy I am to be able to pay my loan installments with the support I received thanks to the articles I wrote despite all the difficulties I experienced.

But I had no luck for 2 months and I guess I can't do anything but ask God for help. Still, I try to share content, keep going, and fight. But I believe in the importance of earning money with dignity. Without begging, without cheating, without stealing...

People often think that people who reflect on the importance of positive thinking have no problem. In reality, however, the most positive people often have more difficulties than others. But the best way to deal with difficulties is positive thinking and intrinsic motivation.

The reason I haven't written an article for a long time is because I'm falling and I can't find a positive solution on how to solve my problems.

Because I couldn't say "Life is great" when I was hurting and writhing in pain and I thought it was dishonest. This is something very different from creating problems when there is no problem and pessimism.

If you are suffering right now that is the reality of your life. It is very different from being unhappy thinking about this economic crisis, the political agenda in the world, the melting of the glaciers, the global economic crisis and making life a prison for ourselves.

When we are cut off, we hurt and bleed. But that doesn't mean we constantly cut and bleed ourselves. In the normal process, bleeding stops and our wound enters the healing process.

If it hurts, we can cry. But we also need to enter the healing process.

Anyway, this article is clearly a problem of my suffering. This is real. But I'm fighting. I try my best to overcome everything.

I try to share articles and content, although it is not as positive as before.

That's all I can do for now. It's not as positive an article as my posts for a year. I'm not apologizing for that. Because that's all I can do. I don't read every article because what I write is reactive because of the reaction inside me.

That's why I stay away from people who are pedantic about things they haven't experienced. The sincerity of people who share their pain and the real problems in their lives is honesty. But I especially stay away from those who are pessimistic even though they are not always an important problem in their own life, although they are not the facts of their own life they are telling.

Even though I am in pain, the positive state of smiling and happy people makes me smile too. That is the power of positivity.

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Written by   124
9 months ago
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I understand you somehow as I was in a difficult situation too with no job... thanks to this crypto world we have learned and earned some money always useful but it's difficult the amount is enough for living. But we kept writing here and posting on Noise, and other places too... I wish you the best and I hope herşey yolunda. ;) (About earning more I discovered a platform where I'm earning much... I wrote here about it but in Spanish because the site is in Spanish although it's possible to set it in English, on Publish I have the same info bilingual: Let me know anytime if you want...

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9 months ago

Everything will be okay eventually, don't give up on your hopes mate. Best of luck

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9 months ago