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Oh Romeo! Juliet is not here!

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1 year ago

To ignore the things we are uncomfortable, it hurts us by overloading us emotionally in the long run in the long run in the long term to make us constantly compromise against the mistakes made against us.

Because no one has to drive the injustice. That is contrary to existence. Each response is unable to give and delayed as if it does not grow as an avalanche of avalanche.

If you fill an enclosed bottle with continuous air, the bottle will explode due to the amount of high pressure, regardless of the amount of the filled air.

For the same reason, we experience an emotional explosion, if we do not empty the stress and pressure required in us.

What is normal is to react instantly when we live anger, sadness or disappointment.

For example, if we are discomforted by this behavior, we should not hesitate to indicate this behavior. A simple sentence is sufficient.

"Please don't stay like this and steal my time."

Or you can respond with a joke.

"I was almost about to bear fruit."

It benefits our relationship in both ways.

1) Since we do not react with excessive anger, we avoid an emotional explosion that may occur in the future.

2) We determine the dynamics in our relationship from the very beginning, and in this way, we fulfill one of the necessary conditions for establishing a healthy relationship.

It is necessary to react. Because whether we want it or not, we will definitely react now or in the future. The healthy thing is to react in the right amount when necessary. Our intention is not to start a revolution. :)

In fact, action & reaction is a law of physics. No one is exempt from the universal laws of physics.

Saying "You broke my heart, my friend." is as natural as saying "I love you".

It is much wiser to react this way than to say, "Friendship is not breaking hearts. Don't break anyone's heart. People don't understand me. No one can be trusted."

Because friends are not psychics. No one can read our thoughts. If we do not express our resentment to our friend, it is very natural for him/her to treat us in the same way. Because he/she doesn't know that our hearts are broken. If we can't tell, he won't know anyway.

Whatever problem we have with whomever we have, we should solve our problem with her/he.

When we go to the doctor when we are sick, the doctor asks us what ailments we have during the examination. We also answer that I have a sore throat, runny nose, dizzy, etc.

There is no point in saying these to the grocery store.

If you had to sleep on the couch because you didn't keep your promise to your wife, that's your problem, not mine. Go win your wife's heart again. Posting on social media won't solve your problem.

Instead of shouting "I love you Juliet" in the street, confess it to Juliet, dear Romeo.

Thank you for reading. I hope Romeo got my message. :)

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Written by   124
1 year ago
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Love is a gift and a gift from God, we must preserve it to live happily and optimistically, very beautiful wonderful, enjoy your time ❤️❤️❤️ Romeo and Juliet

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1 year ago

I really hope Romeo gets the message 😂 Good writing tho ☺️

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1 year ago