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My Latest Electronic Hobby Project (Wifi Repeater)

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1 year ago
Topics: Hobbies

We've had a power failure for a few days. For years, we had a problem because the

in our neighborhood could not handle the electrical load of the neighborhood. Eventually the old transformer was replaced with a new one.

By the way, I played the ofline dinosaur game in the brave browser. :)

I am also proud to introduce my new hobby project to you. We were using WiFi Repeater because the coverage area of ​​my home modem did not cover my family's house. However, I think the Wifi Repeater malfunctioned over time and the internet became very slow. This was an opportunity for me to do my new hobby project.

Tools I used for this hobby project:

1) ESP8266 Nodemcu WiFi card,

2) Antenna,

3) Plastic box,

4) Cable,

5) Microusb charger.

I downloaded the necessary firmware to convert ESP8266 to WiFi Repeater from There are files to be flashed in the Fireware folder. How to do it is explained on

I used "ESP8266 Download Tool", which I downloaded from to flash the Fireware.

I made the settings using the values written on the firmware files.

I soldered the old modem antenna cable to the antenna on the ESP8266. I think there is some problem with my antenna connections, wi-fi signal quality is the same without antenna. Since I didn't have any solder on my hand, I soldered the antenna using a small piece of solder I got from another circuit.

Anyway, when I get a new solder wire, I can improve the signal quality by making the connection better.

As a result, the cost of this project, which I am currently doing as a hobby, is about 1/3 less than the WiFi Repeater price according to my calculations. In other words, it is possible to make 3 of these homemade hobby WiFi Repeaters for the price of one Wifi Repeater.

There are so many projects that can be done with the ESP8266. I've made a weather server before. You can remotely control your garage door with the ESP8266, as well as turn the lights on and off via WiFi. However, to make a project from scratch requires a strong imagination and a good command of programming languages. Of course, it is a matter of pleasure and preference to be interested in cards and modules such as Arduino, Raspberrypi and to do hobby projects. But since I am interested in these subjects, I wanted to share my hobby work with you. As can be understood from the subject, this project I have done is not a project that has never been done before. So I didn't create anything from scratch. This isn't a big deal for me anyway. I like to try projects that work for me at home. I customize some for myself.

If you have ESP8266, you can use it as a WiFi Repeater. It is possible to buy a Nodemcu ESP8266 for 45-50 TL in my country. WiFi Repeater prices start from 150 TL as far as I can see.

Of course, it is not a substitute for a quality Wi-fi Repeater. But with a quality hobby craftsmanship, we can make a project that will work for us.

If you are interested in electronic hobbies such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi, you can try it. However, there may be different settings due to model, version differences. You should also consider these. Otherwise, if you are not interested in such matters, do not try to make a Wifi Repeater just because it is cheap. If you have such hobbies like me, you will want to try it anyway. Or you probably already did.

I have one Raspberry Pi, one Nodemcu ESP8266, Bluetooth card, sound and light sensors, relays. Sometimes when I have time, I try to do something with them as a hobby. For example, I had previously built a car that can be controlled from a smartphone for myself and my nephew. A few years ago, I made a project with the Raspberry Pi, where I could turn the lights on and off over the web, showing the temperature of the house and the temperature of the outside air.

Sometimes I switch between my hobbies. Taking photos, hobbies related to electricity and electronics, hiking, sports, etc. I do whatever hobby makes me happy and helps me organize my mind.

I know that hobbies are formed with a sincere desire. So if you really want to learn to play a musical instrument, nothing can stop you. Because what motivates you is your inner strength.

Today, I wanted to share with you a project about one of my hobbies that I love to do. I hope I can get new ideas from a few friends with the same interests.

It is fun to take care of our hobbies. It also draws our attention to the moment in which we live. The results also make us happy. Now I'm leaving to make myself a coffee, post on and watch a movie afterwards. Take care of yourselves. Love and Greetings.

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Written by   124
1 year ago
Topics: Hobbies
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These issues are too technical for me. I don't even know what wifi repeater is for. However, I appreciate you making this tool with your own effort. Moreover, you managed to cost much cheaper. Congratulations :)

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1 year ago

Technical issues are of particular interest to me. When I deal with these kinds of things, I stay away from other things that occupy my mind. In fact, I often forget how time passes. Yesterday my 1 TB hard drive was formatted spontaneously. Now I am trying to recover deleted files. In the morning the data program is scanning the formatted disk but it will still take at least 3 more hours.

I opened Transformers Bumblebee on the computer. I guess I will check the deleted data after the movie is over.

At least it's enough if I recover documents and photos.

If this ends today, I can rest comfortably tomorrow. Maybe if it's not rainy tomorrow, a short trip or a walk would be great, I guess.

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1 year ago