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My crazy bullshit!..

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9 months ago

Love marriage or logic marriage?

I think it's a question you've all heard. We do not live everything in our life according to pure logic or pure emotion. If we only made decisions with logic in our lives, we would be no different from robots or computers. How good or bad this would be for us, for humanity, for the world is debatable. Because even logic can be evaluated according to certain conditions, situations, people or those involved in the event.

In any case, 100% logic is not possible for me. Because even a single variable requires reanalysis of the situation. I don't want to limit everything to a certain thing by giving an example.

It will not be right to make a decision with our 100% emotions. First of all, since not all of our emotions are positive, a decision taken with good feelings and a decision made with negative feelings and their results will be different.

Secondly, our feelings may differ from those of the people involved in the event or situation. This requires us to be aware of the fact that the decisions we make with our emotions will also affect others.

Pure logic does not take into account feelings (including those involved or not). Pure emotion, on the other hand, does not take logic into account.

Human is a special being with the ability to use emotion and logic together. I guess that's what separates us from other creatures and the computer. It is unique to us (not intelligence) as beings with awareness and consciousness and emotions.

Empathy is a wonderful, human ability that allows us to be aware of not only our own emotions, but also the emotions of others. This means that we include, or be aware of, the emotions and well-being of everyone involved, along with our own emotions and/or logic.

Empathy is being aware of the concept of "We" as well as the concept of "I". For 'I', manipulating 'We' is not empathy. This is perception management and malicious manipulation. It is not about empathy at all.

Questions are sometimes asked to direct perception. In fact, the real intention is not to wonder about the answer to the question.

A question caught my attention recently.

"Should the husband give his paycheck to his wife?"

First of all, it doesn't make sense to have such a requirement. Secondly, is the wife willing to make a budget calculation to pay the debts of her family with the money earned by her husband? Or does she simply want to be in control of what remains after her husband pays off his family's debts?

Does this question reflect the concerns of a woman who suspects her husband is spending extra beyond what is being spent on his family?

Or is it a solution that she thinks might be appropriate to quell her anxiety for a woman who suspects her husband has betrayed her with another woman?

An unnecessary question always makes me think that there may be anxiety, ulterior motives.

I'm sure that most social media polls are actually done not to compile statistics of answers to a question, to understand people's opinions and thoughts, but to direct people's perception to certain issues, to create contradictions and conflicts.

I don't want to go into too much detail. But I don't support LGBT, pro-feminist stuff. Nor do I support religious or political missionary work. Separating people with their differences is possible by supporting both extremes.

Be mindful of what you support. While you are a supporter, sympathizer, member of a group or organization, you can also be the enemy of the other end. People's belief, sexual preference, religion, sect are personal. I do not support not only terrorist organizations, but also sports fanaticism, feminism and lgbt. No one's beliefs, political views, moral principles, sexual preferences should be monopolized by an institution or organization and should not be provocative; It should be personal. I am aware of the perception management of divisive and provocative organizations that claim to bring awareness to people.

What holds people together is a sense of integrity and tolerance.

Thank you for taking the trouble to read my insane bullshit.

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Written by   124
9 months ago
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