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3 months ago

Hello everyone, friends!

As you know, the effects of the winter season have begun.

After getting out of an 8-hour night shift, I wanted to take a few "Starting the day in nature"-themed photos, taking the opportunity of a friend's catastrophe. Of course, I made up the theme part. :)

My 6-day night shift is over this morning. Now I've opened my 2nd beer at home, while I'm watching the last video of a youtube channel called "noluyo ya".

If you know Turkish or can watch it with subtitles, I definitely recommend it. Because watching the "noluyo ya" channel gives me a lot of pleasure. Channel Ceyda and Fırat is a fun and enjoyable channel where enjoyable videos are broadcast from the life of a married couple. Moreover, both of them are actors in movies and TV series.

What I love and appreciate the most is a happy, loving and moreover famous married couple making wonderful videos together in harmony. A man who loves his wife, a happy woman with her husband. Something we miss today.

There may be thousands of examples of failed marriages in the world, and the media and social media can encourage and normalize it. An attempt can be made to create the perception that love is something specific only to mythical characters like Romeo and Juliet.

The world is a place where couples full of love, happiness and joy live. The world is full of love. We may not be in a relationship right now, but we can start a great relationship with a loved one who loves us.

We live in a world full of love, compassion, humanity, brotherhood, peace and beauty. Our mistake is pessimism, which constantly focuses on the negative, seeing the worst and believing that the worst will happen to us.

We are so focused on the negative that even if we fall into the heart of heaven, we seem to cry about why I have to be happy.

Do you believe the world is not love? First you love and be a loving person!

Do you believe that no one has any mercy left? Be the best example of mercy!

Do you think happy relationships are not possible? Be happy first so that the people you are in a relationship with can be happy with you!

No one is trusted? Become a reliable person!

Why do you believe the world is hell? Heaven and hell are within you. Why don't you believe in heaven?

Is evil ruling the world? Be the source of goodness!

Do you believe you can't do anything? Everything starts with a single example. Fire starts with a single spark, but rain starts with a single drop. The sun rises slowly. If you are the best example of the most beautiful things you want and dream of in the world, even if you are the only example, others can take you as an example.

Don't belittle yourself. A drop in the ocean is also small, but the drops become an ocean.

At the point where everyone believes that everything has come to an end, you believe that everything can be the beginning, and that beginning will sprout in your heart, mind and soul.

Believe me, even a single spark can ignite the fire of love, happiness, peace, and beauty.

If you truly believe in something, you don't expect the whole world to agree with you. You don't even think about whether there is love left in the world when love is shining in your heart. Because you can't deny the oceans of love that fill your heart.

When you're chirping with happiness, you don't let pessimistic suggestions get you down.

The more loving, happy and joyful you are, the more other people will see you in the same way, and it will ignite the hope in them.

Everything you believe is in the world is already with you and a part of you. You don't allow things in your life that you don't think will happen.

So instead of saying "There are no good people left in the world", you should be that good person.

Just kidding but the truth is if you're the devil why expect the rest of the world to be angels? If there is only one devil and thousands of angels, why would people believe that all humans are devils and stop being angels? Become an angel bro! Or be a human being with the will to choose good.

If love is in your heart, then there is love in the world. If you have love, other people have it too, and there will be more.

I am not exaggerating when I say that the world is full of love, happiness, peace, brotherhood and humanity. Because what is in my heart is also in your heart. While I see the existence of love, beauty and peace in the world, I choose not to fall into the trap of pessimism by falling into the ignorance of denial.

I do not agree to ignore the lush leaves as they are dry leaves.

Since I know that the people I approach with love love me, I prefer not to believe in false suggestions that assume that there is no love.

I choose to see what is, to perceive the truth.

There is love, even if you haven't noticed it yet... Beauty is everywhere... If you are a true friend, friendship is already there for you...

Happy marriages, people who love each other, everything we want and dream to happen in a peaceful world exists and will happen.

I see and feel that love exists, and I invite more love into my life. When I calm my mind, I can fully realize the peace that is actually in front of my eyes.

The mind is a great tool for us if we can control it. If the initiative of our thoughts is not with us, but with the negative suggestions of the outside world, we have difficulties.

Anyway, this article is here. By the way, I opened the 3rd beer. ;) My mind drifted towards the "Noluyo ya" videos.

So it means, "Don't worry about it, my friend. Enjoy your life! There are so many beautiful things in life!" I'm going back to the videos, I'm already back. :)

Just smile! Do not think so much. What more can I say? I am working. After work, I do things that make me happy. I only drank one last week because I had the flu. I'm drinking 3 bottles of beer left over from last week. :))

So it's not all philosophy. It's not all about intelligence. Everything is not perfect. No matter how serious it is, nothing is worth undue stress.

My intention is to rummage. Philosophy is not brainstorming. I can't right now. ;)))))

Dude. This is your life and enjoy it. have the innate initiative to choose goodness, beauty, friendship and peace. We can make that choice right here right now. We can consciously and decisively use our decision in favor of positivity. Because we make choices all the time, consciously or unconsciously. Our current thoughts are also the consequences of our choices and decisions.

If I can't enjoy life on my own right now, who can I give pleasure to? So enjoy, be happy. Recognize the wonderful things that come into your life. Be as happy with them as you are on your own.

Ohh! Cool! Yea! :)

That's it! Let love, happiness and joy be in your life first so that you share them with the people who come into your life.

Have fun here! Soon infiltration and sleep will also be here. There is a 16:00-00:00 shift tomorrow. I will go to bed soon. First, let's finish the video I watched. :)

Rather than explaining everything with philosophy and logic, it is often better and more fun to transfer that energy. I hope you enjoyed it too. Because it was a fun night for me.

Can a person have fun at home alone?

Yeah! Definitely! :)))

There is no need to limit ourselves. If you can have fun on your own, you can have fun with everyone. ;) That's life, isn't it?

Enjoy life! Let someone who enjoys life enter your life. Enjoy life more with her/him!.

Give him lots of joy and love! She/He will give you the same anyway.

You are not alone! You've never been alone! How can you be alone when all that exists is within you? :) You will be complete if you don't need others to fill the void within yourself.

If love is in you, you can see it everywhere. If beauty is in you, you will see beauty in the world.

Rest assured, everything is within you, you just have to focus on it. Trust me you don't need to see love in all people to see love. Love is already inside you. You just have to focus on it. Let people see love in you. In this way, they will believe that there is love in the world... And they can choose to be an example of love.

I say goodbye for now. You don't need me to tell you that I love you. You don't need my love. Love is already in you. If you feel the energy in this article, you will already feel more peace than knowledge inside you. My intention is not to give information, but to reflect the energy to you.

If at the end of the article a smile appeared on your face or a peace of mind, it would be nice.

Take care, my friend. It's about your enjoyment, because energy is the source of knowledge. Joy, pleasure, happiness often cannot be expressed in words or is difficult to convey. I'm happy if I succeeded.

Now the article is over. Now it's time for fun. Here it is now 02:00. It's bedtime for me. Love, respect and greetings, friends.

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Written by   124
3 months ago
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