Goodness Is Everywhere

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2 years ago

Recently, I set out to go to a hospital outside of my city. I put on my mask. I had to take a public transport van. Since the hospital I was going to was not in the city center, I got off at the bus station and started to wait for the second public transportation vehicle.

I sat outside on the wall with the other passengers and waited. We even started to have a little chat with the people next to me .. At that time, a friendly, warm-hearted woman started to offer cologne to those sitting on the wall. My turn came to me and I opened my palm with a heartfelt thank you. That wonderful woman with a big heart started smiling and chatting with a boy I thought was her son.

Then we got into our vehicle. Since public transport has switched to contactless payment by card, I sat in one of the front seats in order to pay cash.

Then the child with whom the woman was talking came to me to offer cologne. Smiling and sincerely thanking them both, I opened my palm again.

I asked the driver for the price of my destination. He said it was 20 TL. I said I wanted to pay in cash. The driver said that I can only pay by contactless card, they do not accept cash payments. He suggested that I pay my fare with the card of one of the other passengers and give that passenger 20 TL in cash. A child also paid my travel fee with his card. I took out my wallet to give the child 20 TL. I did not have a 20 TL coin. I wanted to give the 50 TL bill to the boy. The boy said it didn't matter. He didn't want to take the money. Whatever I said, he didn't get any money from me. I closed the subject by thanking him too.

We arrived where we were going. I reached the hospital. It was the quietest hospital I've ever seen. I made my job interview. After I was done, I started waiting for a return vehicle at a roadside stop. The first bus to arrive was full. If the second bus was full, I thought it was a short distance and I could go back on foot. Because on the other hand, since they did not accept cash payments, I was thinking about how I could pay and when I came here I felt indebted to the boy who paid for me.

The 2nd bus arrived and was full when it was my turn. What crossed my mind came true. I started to walk. I turned on the navigation on my phone to plan a shadowy route near the sea. I started walking on the path I did not know exactly, that I had never taken a step before. I think I walked about 6 km. When I got to the city center, I took the public transport to return to the city where I lived. After about an hour, I returned to the city where I lived.

It was a journey that felt good when I still remember it.

1) The woman and her son who offered us cologne were positive, helpful and wonderful people.

2) That boy who paid 20 TL to the driver for me was a wonderful young man with a clean heart.

3) I did a great hike. This has also been a very good sport for me.

Good people, kindness, helpfulness and people with a heart of gold are everywhere. We only see what we want to see. Whatever we focus our most attention on, we move in that direction.

Nobody's perfect. However, if you have goodness, beauty, and benevolence, if you are doing good within yourself and without any self-interest, these will never be forgotten

Love, kindness is unforgettable. Generosity is unforgettable. Love is unforgettable. Compassion is unforgettable. Treats that we give without waiting for a return will definitely return to us. But we shouldn't be waiting for this.

If you are offering a coffee to someone, just enjoy the conversation you have with coffee and good times.

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