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Freedom of Thought and Freedom to Choose Our Thoughts.

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1 month ago

Our thoughts affect not only us, but everyone around us and with whom we come into contact. We express our opinion freely, and anyone who hears it accepts or rejects it.

So, are we responsible for the choice of the person who accepts our opinion?

Definitely yes!

I don't think there is much difference between directly killing someone and causing them to commit suicide. For this reason, as much as we are responsible for our thoughts, we are also responsible for whether we express them or not. While we may not do much harm to someone who is strong and resistant, it is also possible for us to do great harm to someone whose resistance is weakened.

For this reason, it would be unethical to use the concept of freedom of thought while expressing our thoughts.

The thoughts of a person who lived in a period in the past, which have survived centuries ago, can affect us even today. For this reason, what we think is important not only for us, but also for the society we live in, the world and the people who will live in the future.

The more our thoughts are constructive, beneficial for ourselves and/or others, and for the benefit of humanity, the more positive contributions we will make to this world.

It doesn't matter which country, religion, belief, ethnic identity, culture, party or team we are from. If we want a healthy society, a truly civilized humanity and peace in the world, we must produce thoughts full of love, respect and compassion that add value to humanity and even all living things, integrate them.

We are also responsible for the effect our thoughts have on others. It is a great contrast to expect the world to be full of love while our minds are constantly producing negative thoughts, poisoning both ourselves and the people we associate with, under the influence of emotions such as hatred, anger and fear.

Whatever our thoughts are filled with, we spread it around us. Fortunately, we still have the freedom to choose our thoughts.

Humanity needs good and beautiful examples more than geniuses. You must use your genius brain for the real benefit of humanity, my friend. If you can positively affect even one person in the world, you have done a great job. That person can also positively influence other people.

Even a single sentence of yours can inspire a person and he can influence the whole world with a book he wrote, a movie he made or a song he composed.

As long as we breathe, there is hope. As long as our hearts beat, we can spread love. As long as we have a brain, we can choose, change, or replace our thoughts.

Even if we build pyramids, a thought cannot affect the world for thousands of years as much as a thought. Because with our thoughts, we affect both ourselves and the people we interact with, and we leave our thoughts to future humanity.

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Written by   96
1 month ago
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