Every pain heals ...

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2 years ago

Life is unbearable sometimes,

Day after day, pain, fears, worries will be unbearable. We think it will not pass, we say the pains will not end. We cannot look tomorrow at those moments because we see tomorrow is dark, terrifying and ominous. Despair has surrounded us all around. On the one hand, stomach problems and digestive problems have also emerged from constant stress. We pray to get rid of this situation, but we think there is no answer to our prayers. Because our ears are blocked and a curtain has fallen to our eyes. One of those days, our brain, tired of thinking, has stopped thinking.

At that moment the transformation begins,

Then for a moment a sparkle appears in our mind, a spark. What if all the hopes are really over… What if all the ways out are not closed… At the end, hope starts to sprout again. A sparkle begins to spread within us. The more we hold on to hope, the more it shines and spreads to all of us. It shines so brightly that now it begins to surround us and even overflow from us and illuminate our surroundings. Every particle that remains in the dark begins to illuminate. The sun has risen in us now. We are beginning to shine like the sun. The place of fear, worry, love; happiness replaces sadness, joy, joy; hopelessness has been replaced by hope and trust.

Let there be light in our lives,

Peace, happiness, joy, joy, trust, hope and Love have dominated our lives now. Everything is illuminated with light and embraced with love. Our prayers were accepted and our voices were heard. We are not alone, and we now realize that we are never alone. It is as if divine aids, supports, miracles and blessings have filled our lives. We know that now one thing was needed, to believe that every problem has a solution and to hold on to that belief with hope.

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