Divine Justice will surely come true when the time comes!

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11 months ago

Do you believe in justice? Are you one of those who believe that there is no justice in the world? How would you see the world if you believed that everything you do has a divine reward, no matter how unjust we think the world is?

I must say frankly that there were many times when I thought that there was no justice in the world.

But when I didn't limit what happened only to the time I lived, I witnessed divine justice fulfilled many times. For this reason, when something bad happens to me, when I get hurt by someone, I pray for God to save me from the difficult situations I'm going through. And I pray for divine justice.

When I am wronged, betrayed, slandered, I ask for divine justice so that I will be rewarded with good things and blessings in return for the difficulties I have experienced, and God will reward those who made me live for the betrayal or slander.

Because I don't want to spoil my personality, character, and pollute my heart with feelings of hatred and anger because of what happened to me. I don't want to turn into a bad person just because others are bad people. I do not want to make the mistake of taking revenge by doing the same harm to the one who did me wrong.

When I look back, I have witnessed many times that those who did evil were punished for their evil deeds. If it hasn't happened yet, it will definitely happen one day.

In fact, the most important thing is that Allah helps us and somehow saves us from difficulties. We do not care who will find evil how, how they will be punished.

Of course, divine justice will definitely be fulfilled one day. There is a reward for good and a punishment for evil. If you keep doing good deeds, you will definitely get rewards for it. People can rely on their power, money, position and authority. But no one's worldly power is sufficient in the face of Allah's infinite power and might.

If you trust the Almighty Creator, the owner of endless and unlimited mercy, love, power and might, and you ask for protection from him, he will offer you all the power and divine protection he has. God decides how and when that will happen. If Allah wills, He can assign an army of Angels for you.

Divine justice may not exist today or tomorrow. But it will definitely happen.

Two people with whom I worked at the same job and who tried to harm me by slandering me were fired. I didn't want to take revenge on them. I just took refuge in God. Someone slandered my two friends, saying, "They don't work." But for a few days in a row he made mistakes with his job and was fired by the boss.

In fact, anyone can make mistakes. Sometimes our mistakes are ignored. But if divine justice has stepped in, even the smallest mistake can end badly. A person who believes that he has never made a mistake, that he has done everything perfectly, and tries to make others look worthless, discredited, and fired, will one day make such mistakes that even a simple mistake can result in his dismissal or worse.

Evil does not go unpunished. Even if no one sees or knows, God sees and knows everything we do. God knows everything that goes through our minds and hearts. We can deceive ourselves and others with lies and slanders, but we cannot deceive God.

Therefore, it is futile to try to do evil and expect success in the end, believing that we will be rewarded with good.

The reward of good is good, and the reward of evil is evil. Therefore, whatever happens to us, it is for our own good, above all, to try to do good and stay away from doing evil.

Even if someone does us harm, it is best not to deviate from the path of good. It may be difficult to reciprocate with kindness. But that shouldn't deter us from doing good to others, or at least not cause us to start doing evil.

Let the bad people out of our lives and let us continue to live our lives with good people. Let us leave the issue of punishment to Allah's discretion and wish for divine justice.

May Allah bring goodness and good people into our lives and keep evil and bad people away from us.

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11 months ago


I believe these are natural laws and they will always prevail regardless of your tradition or beliefs

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2 months ago

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11 months ago

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11 months ago