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Criticism and Accepting Others as They Are

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1 year ago
Image by John Hain from Pixabay 

Criticism is a justified and poisonous concept. Often criticism is a way of making others wrong for the sake of justifying oneself. Criticism and gossip often go together. Critical people take refuge behind the concept of scientific justifiable criticism. Because they are always right. (!)

Criticism has consequences:

1) Criticism is a way of manipulation. And it is a method used by those who are constantly trying to change others, but never bother to change their own thoughts. And when you try to change someone, the person's consciousness resists it. They rightly respond with anger. Because you are actually trying to harm their character. If you try to harm what someone defines themselves, it is perceived as trying to destroy it.

2) Even though critical people try to present themselves as perfect, you may find them constantly criticizing others. Critical people are left alone as a result of their actions. Because no one wants to be constantly criticized and gossip about. Nobody likes critical people because everybody wants validation, even if they're not perfect.

3) Critical people don't just criticize the person to their face. At the same time, by criticizing the people they criticize in front of others, they try to diminish the value of the people they criticize in the eyes of others. In fact, what will eventually happen to those who constantly criticize is the discrediting of themselves, not the people they criticize.

4) No one wants to share their secrets with people who have the habit of criticizing.

5) The defense of those who make criticism the center of their lives is as follows: "I just shared my opinion. What's wrong with that?"

We all fall into the trap of criticism, more or less.

Of course, none of us are perfect. We may not be very hardworking or successful. As long as we do not harm others physically, mentally or spiritually, our personal faults only harm ourselves.

That's why it's best to accept minor flaws as they are, rather than criticize them. However, we are not perfect either. We also have flaws.

The most loved people in the world are those who accept others as they are. We feel closer to people who love us despite our flaws. If there are such people around us, after a while, many of our faults will disappear by themselves. Because these people make us feel whole with ourselves again, and allow us to make peace with ourselves.

All people need is to be accepted as they are.

Of course, this does not mean accepting everything. For example, violence should not be accepted. Even criticism is a form of emotional and mental violence.

If people around you are constantly leaving you, consider whether you are a critical person. If you find yourself constantly alone with yourself, consider whether you criticize other people's faults.

In fact, what should be done is not to criticize, judge or blame others or even ourselves. If we have mistakes, it is enough to notice them and correct them in a short time. Rather than living in constant guilt and making others feel guilty, it's best to admit acceptable flaws and correct unacceptably serious mistakes.

This should not mean accepting that they are people who engage in illegal business or people who use violence against their spouse and children.

I feel compelled to explain these because generalizing often leads to misunderstanding.

If we can't accept someone for who they are, it's often better not to associate with them.

We should not let anything into our lives that we cannot accept. Of course, sometimes it is not always easy to understand this at first, but if we feel uneasy in the first moments of our relationship with someone and are hesitant to share our thoughts, this is a sign.

The universe gives back to us what we give it. The easier we accept people as they are, the more easily we are accepted by others.

Sincerity is beautiful. It's wonderful when two people can open their hearts to each other. Criticism is the enemy of sincerity. The two cannot coexist.

Of course, humor and sincerity can go together. But hiding criticism behind humor is also not a sincere approach.

In other words, criticizing someone's faults by using humor is not perceived as sincerity.

Thank you for reading.

Lead Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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Written by   124
1 year ago
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All of us are unique and we deserve to be accepted in that way. We don't deserve to be criticized just because we can't meet the standards of others. Maybe, criticism will only be considered as beneficial when it is a constructive one, which is intended to improve and develop one's life. Furthermore, I agree with what you've said that it's best to accept minor flaws because first of all, none of us are perfect at all.

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1 year ago

I agree. I think a criticism never hurts anyone if it's really constructive. If someone is hurting even a little, that can't be constructive criticism. From what I've seen in my own life, when someone starts criticizing another, it doesn't end. This turns into an effort by a critic to shape the other person as they want.

Many marriages are damaged by the continual efforts of spouses to transform each other into ideal husband/wife.

In fact, the best thing to do is to accept each other as they are in every relationship. As long as there is no coercion, pressure, criticism, insult, violence, and people accept each other with their imperfections, they adapt to each other.

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1 year ago