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Contribution of interest, attention and focus to our lives

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5 months ago

Of course, our memory is important. Having a strong memory, especially in our education and business life, can make our lives easier.

In my school life, I was not very confident in my memory and my ability to learn. But when I look back, I realize that sometimes I have done miraculous things.

In high school, my teacher assigned everyone in the class to study certain pages from the textbook. Everyone had to read the pages, learn that they were responsible, and draw the figures in the book on cardboard and explain it to the whole class. I was given a 12-page topic. It was very difficult to read and understand as it is a technical subject. As I read the book, I realized that even if I did not understand what I read, what I read began to settle in my memory. Since I was good at memorizing suras and prayers in secondary school, I tried to memorize the pages I was responsible for. I finally managed to memorize the 12-page topic. During the lesson, my teacher put me on the board to explain the subject.

I said a few sentences. My teacher told me to sit down and gave me 100 points. Actually, I was upset. Because at that moment, I had studied enough to read all 12 pages word for word from my memory.

It made me realize that I could achieve what I wanted, when I wanted. Moreover, I was not a hardworking and very successful student. But that's how I came to believe in the power of my memory. Frankly, I was not successful at all in memory-based classes such as history.

After years, I realized that although I forgot the dates, I had no trouble keeping the numbers in mind. In fact, when I saw a number, I was vocalizing it several times inwardly. If I heard the numbers aloud, I was visualizing them in my mind. When we focused on something visually and audibly at the same time, it became easier to memorize it.

Although we have 5 senses, even using our 2 senses can make our lives easier. But what if we use our other emotions as well?

For example, our olfactory memory is very strong. But mostly we don't use it in memory techniques. We remember a scent we picked up as a child, even years later. Moreover, we remember our memories of that smell.

If we use our 5 senses effectively in our learning and remembering process, I am sure that we can learn everything much more easily.

However, as a person who has been distracted for a long time throughout his life, there is an important issue that I need to say: Attention and Focus. The better we focus on a subject, the faster and easier we learn.

For example, it is possible to memorize a ten-digit number in a short time. If we involve as much of our senses as we can and focus enough, our memory will surprise us. If we are more active in focusing and attention, we can memorize these numbers within 10 seconds or even within 5 seconds.

However, it is true that smartphones and other technological devices make our lives easier today, but they can also prevent us from using our memory. We used to memorize phone numbers. But now it's all saved on our phone.

However, trying to use our brain effectively can increase our brain capacity. Reading books on this subject is really effective. Because focusing intensely on the subject in the book makes our brain work more efficiently.

It seems to me that most people who do not trust their memory have trouble with attention. However, this can be improved.

I like to give my full attention to the work I am doing at the moment. This is really helpful in all matters. In this way, we will be more successful in our work. Our relationships become stronger as we direct our attention to the other person in our relationships. People who feel our attention also show more interest in us. We become better at communicating.

Our words will be more accurate and consistent. Since we listen to the people in front of us with interest and attention, what we hear becomes more easily embedded in our memory. In this way, we also get to know the people we interact with better.

All this also contributes to our self-confidence more.

We realize that we have more good qualities and talents about ourselves, and we love ourselves more.

At the same time, we become more interested in everything around us, as our brain does not hover unstable between the past and the future and is in the present. This is also very useful for us to see the beauty around us.

In short, interest, attention, focus and using our senses effectively can make our lives better.

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Written by   96
5 months ago
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