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Are we really free in our thoughts?

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7 months ago

When we free our thoughts, we produce appropriate thoughts and ideas in our emotion. There is a knack here, sometimes we don't realize that. Feeling! Although we believe that we are free to believe our feelings.

For example we had an event that we are very upset. When we start to produce thought, thoughts and ideas about continuous sadness to our mind comes.

The meaning of this is actually because we are connected to our emotions, the thoughts we produce are not free.

The second step is to change our emotion. When we learn to change our feelings, we can change our thoughts. At that time we can produce free thoughts. Because as we can choose our feelings we can free our thoughts.

Our emotions sometimes keeps us dependent on the past. Of course everything we live is an experience. No experience is not trivial or worthless.

However, these events do not need to be experienced over and over again in our minds. This is a loop. A cycle we continually live beyond time and space. Although sometimes events and contacts change, we experience experiences that make us feel the same feelings. This is the same loop.

The way to finish this loop is to release it. The freedom of the kite is as much as the length of the rope attached to the kite. The kite is not free as long as we hold the rope.

Our brain loves repetition. But even our brain is in the management of something else. That is consciousness. Being conscious is to know how to manage our brain. If constantly annoying thoughts come to our mind, we are able to change our thoughts.

Our thoughts are mostly the repetition or the next version of the old thoughts we've already uploaded to our brain. We programed our brain to produce those thoughts. O We must install a new program to change the program.

A conscious awareness is what is necessary for that. Being happy is the right of all of us. Our right to live in peace, too.

Our experiences did not exist to keep us tied to the past. We lived to learn from them.

If our old relationship has resulted in us feeling worthless; Feeling valued and learning to value ourselves may have experienced this.

If we are not in the position we deserve at our workplace, it may be because we believe we do not deserve it.

If we are at odds with our dear friend, it may be because we value him more than ourselves.

Whatever happened happened. Now we have to think about what we want and step into the future we dream of.

We are a conscious being that even manages our brains. Our emotions are there as long as we allow it. We always decide which emotion to choose. We are the ones who do this consciously or unconsciously.

We still have the freedom to experience the pain we experienced 20 years ago, over and over again. However, we also have the freedom to get out of this cycle.

It may still be the best choice to accept what happened and return to the present. I believe that even though we don't seem like it, we travel through time. Yes, in a way, to relive what we experienced 20 years ago is to travel in our own cyclical time. There is no rule that time travel should be physical.

I admit this is a very crazy idea. But sometimes don't you think that way when you experience the same events over and over again?

Time travel or not but it's true it's a loop. Now we can focus on emotions such as happiness, love, joy, to reprogram our brains. It doesn't matter if this is defined as optimism, positive thinking or otherwise. This is related to our choices. This is about being conscious. It is about existing with all our being in the present time.

Everyone is free to think as they please. We are free to grab a bottle of drink and feel sorry for an event that has upset us in the past. It's okay, sometimes I drink too. But we are also free to make ourselves a cup of coffee and watch a movie we enjoy.

We have the right to talk and worry about past events with our friends as well as to spend a peaceful time with our loved ones in nature.

But isn't it what we all want to be happy? If choosing happiness is positive thinking and optimism; Choosing sadness is also negative thinking and pessimism.

There's also being a realist, I haven't grasped what it means yet.

Definitions exist to describe an event, situation, thought, person, or object. Yet the truth is beyond all that. That's why I don't like to stick to definitions.

I believe that if we want to be happy, we must choose happiness, focus on happiness, generate thoughts about happiness, program our brains for happiness. I'm not sure if the definition of this is optimism, positive thinking, realism. Maybe all.

So what is needed for free thinking now?

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Written by   95
7 months ago
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All you wrote is needed for free thinking now.Thanks God,we are living in such country that we can think and do almost what we want.My thinking is focus on happy life.

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7 months ago

Right and effective thinking makes it easy for us. We produce easier and faster solutions. When we are not tied to the past, we feel the peace of living in the present.

I wish you a life as you wish.

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7 months ago

Keep on thinking the positive side of life so that we will always be motivated and stay happy, the things in the past which makes us feel sad an unhappy should be remain to be forgotten.Stay positive and feel free with your passion.

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7 months ago

Thank goodness. Stopping hanging on to the past doesn't just fix our psychology. At the same time, our memory gets stronger, our mind becomes clear, our power of focus increases, and we even become physically healthier. We will be happier, more peaceful and calm.

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7 months ago

There is a phrase that says that when a lie is repeated so many times we end up believing it to be true. This is what I do with my thoughts that in the past may have caused me displeasure. I repeat to myself that they are things that served me to grow and that allows me to move forward without pain. Now I do not allow myself thoughts that make me hurt my present. I enjoy the good thoughts and I try to change the bad moments for better situations. Life seems to me the best gift and I am grateful for it and now I don't want to waste my time in sadness, grudges or pain. Life is beautiful! Thank you for sharing your article dear friend.

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7 months ago

You're welcome. I hope it has been an enjoyable article to read. Thank you for reading, my dear friend.

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7 months ago

Yes, it is a very nice article my friend. Your articles are always good to read. Keep up the good work.

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7 months ago