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Bitcoin's TODO list

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1 month ago

1. volatility

2. privacy

3. speed

4. programmability

5. governance

6. education

Awareness phase is over - nowadays practically everyone knows bitcoin exists. Unfortunately the understanding is muddled with many myths - bitcoin is digital gold, bitcoin is bad for the environment, there were better systems invented already, bitcoin cash is a scam, ...

7. fair legal status

Today typically Bitcoin is unfairly disadvantaged compared to gold, stocks, and other currencies, which severely hinders adoption.

If you can think of other things that are still to be done for bitcoin to reach its full maturity, or can point to projects trying to solve the above points, please share in the comments.

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Written by   46
1 month ago
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I got lots of information about cryptocurrency from your articles. Iam reading it all. Thanks dear. Just keep writing more.

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