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The Games Our Brain Makes Us

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3 weeks ago
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Inside our skull is a structure called the brain. Nobody knows exactly the function, purpose and mission of this structure. Even though hundreds of thousands of articles and thousands of works have been written over the years, nobody knows much about this structure. Because this damn structure always surprises us and continues to surprise us throughout our lives. It makes us say unfamiliar words in unfamiliar places, make unfamiliar trips at unfamiliar places, make unfamiliar moves in unfamiliar places. Sometimes we cannot even believe ourselves.

In time, a person is left on foot - Poetry

When everything is missed longing does not grow old

Man counts as an ant next to time

Does time ever get old, everything has a time

We will be with time, we cannot be, time always exists

Maybe it's been a time since we happened, who knows

In fact, there are all sorts of ways to be

If we take it singular, we are independent of time

Death comes, we go, time remains

If we take the plural, it is with us from time to time.

People have created time with their existence

There is time until there is only one person left

It does not like loneliness, time is always full of people

If there is no man, he will sacrifice himself, time is a sacrifice

Time is the reason for the heart rust again, healing

Time is full of love, bitter and sweet

When it does not go dry and dry, life should cheer up

One can travel with happiness and love in time

Happiness is a must love is supposed loneliness is not good

Loneliness wears out if it is not a preference

Even time is afraid of loneliness

He knows that time is not afraid in vain

If there is no good life the world will be a dungeon

Life is found guilty as time flows through the dungeon

He should clear life while living, and he should not burden time.

Time is enough to be laundered and to be blamed

He must wind the time correctly, use it correctly

Just like a clock, except time, the hour is nothing

There can be no time outside of life

The human heart is like a set clock

It throws when the time comes, stops when the time is gone

People can go before time

There are many alternatives, he does not look for the lost of time

People look for what they lost in time again.

One cannot find a life beyond time

Time cannot go beyond human

Like air like water, the two are loyal to each other

There is a complaint every once in a while this is also natural.

It was said that this building was a very grifted structure from the past. It was thought that only 10% of the brain was used. In recent developments, it turned out that the brain is all used and is a very stupid structure contrary to what is believed.

The brain is only obliged to protect the body it possesses. It is ready to commit any kind of dishonesty to protect it. When this is the case, the pronoun I and then us is placed in the center of the brain. Fights start after this point. Since every brain is obliged to think about itself and its own interests, it does not consider the other party.

Every person regards himself as the most honest, honest and honorable person in the world. Therefore, you cannot find bad people in the world. Human first thinks of himself and then gets along with those like himself. Groups, tribes, jamaats and ideologies come into being. They believe that they will save the world themselves. They are very good, those who are not themselves are very bad. They are not even aware that they are deceiving themselves.

This is why, since we have the same brain, whoever seizes power falls into the same filth. Naturally they do not differ from each other. This is the natural nature of the goddamn human being. Your friendship with the miller will continue as long as you bring water to the mill.

Another feature of this structure is that whatever you put in it, it will offer you. He's an incredible trader. It evaluates the signals of the ear and the eye very well. Do not give credit to the language's statements of morality, honor and dignity. Brains often do this dishonesty to glorify the body they own. Make sure you will see the benefit.

The brain is a pound and a half mixture of oil and water. Do not take it seriously. When your face laughs, your brain immediately falls for him, he thinks things are fine It prints pure pure serotonin. Laugh at herta bug! If it doesn't work, at least in the neighborhood, they'll say wow on the way to power.

No matter how much the technique improves and the prosperity increases, we will not have a day of peace as long as a sparrow nesting on the roof, as long as we carry this fake in our minds.

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Written by   41
3 weeks ago
Topics: Poetry, Goals, Experiences, Blogging, Life, ...
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The brain is a mystery. You may think but you think the think the way you think.

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3 weeks ago

The brain is a very complicated things big thumbs up to all the neurologist...

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3 weeks ago

It is a complex but unique structure.

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3 weeks ago