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In order not to be alone, we go through some internal stages

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1 month ago

Loneliness changes from pen to pen, idea to idea, and there are those who call it a dark concept. The one who thinks we are enlightened.

I think it depends on the person.

Sometimes solitude is the garden of peace, sometimes it is the ship of sadness coming over four walls.

Loneliness teaches man everything, because he is a social being, he thinks deeply.

He cannot break his bond with other people.

It feeds on society. He is always in need of beauty, he wants to share.

Sometimes loneliness becomes a harbor, a shelter, and finds itself there. He fills his loneliness with himself.

In order not to be alone, you go through some stages.

It is just like finding an oasis in the desert.

In order to cross the oasis, you start by building a barrier against the people who make you sad and hurt.

Loneliness is the servant of a starless night that covers us like a quilt.

It is the word that puts the word of gratitude on the tongue of those who curse the same being, make them pray.

People who have developed and realized their inner world, people who are happy only with objects in the outer world.

they are not happy anymore, they start to build insulation walls.

Whatever you call loneliness, whatever you fill it with.

Whether it is to establish an invisible bond with the Creator through prayer, to contemplate with Him, to see yourself from the outside, to know your place sometimes.

Being in the note of a song, a song or a verse of a poem is the meaning that the couplet gives us.

Sometimes it is to make a cup of coffee, bring out the child inside, sip coffee and chat in a garden full of greenery.


Maybe a black hole is the ladder on which you climb the steps, holding on to pain that swallows everything but does not destroy it.

Poetry, song, ballad written in the name of loneliness, one's own life, loneliness..

In a song,

Stars wandering alone in the sky

I am as lonely as you on earth

If I shout, maybe my voice will be heard

I'm alone I'm alone I'm alone

Its verses are the name of the cold face of loneliness, the cold walls, that are spoken.

Do not stay in the dock of loneliness.

People have always been doing this since the world was founded, and they tell what they feel, hear, by making something a mediator for those who have a place in their hearts. He calls out to her through some folk songs. With some songs. Some express what is inside with what they write. Others seek help from verses and in this way seek refuge in the beauty of poetry. To pour out your troubles, to relax a little and to let someone know what a great and incredible value love is.

It is love that illuminates our hearts. It is love that cures our inner troubles. It is love that floods our world with light. It is the values ​​that are soaked with the water of love and whose source is love, which makes a human human. Reminding people of the fact that they are human beings in the most beautiful way and telling them to live accordingly. Veda teaching.

Humanity will survive to the extent that it believes in love, it will only overcome the obstacles in front of it with the help of love. Human beings, who have the opportunity to flap their wings for beauty and goodness in the world of love, will fall into the lap of evil and cruelty as they abandon it, betray it, move away from it. This will make him miserable and not enjoying life. He will be leading his life in a tense and irritable manner at any moment.

I will sing the song of love

Maybe now, maybe another time

I will shine light on dark hearts

From my eyes filled with love.

I will make you love life

For people who have lost their vitality

Clear and warm lines like mother's milk

There will be a cure for those who are hopeless.

For those who live without love and faith

First I must teach you the taste of love

Empty and dark hearts

I must plant happy trees of faith.

I once believed that you can't live without love

I dream of good days

Wakes up with hopeful and enlightened thoughts

I think about the pleasure in work.

I'm ready to share their troubles

No matter how sad there is in the world

Hug... I want to wrap them in my arms

Warmly, fraternally friendly.

Even if I'm among the troubled people

I make them love life

My friends, you will find my joy in life now

In my verses with the sweetest voices.

How does a life pass without seeing the beauties around him and without the taste they will give, perhaps in which life is perceived as a burden?

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Written by   123
1 month ago
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I felt alone too before. I though life was so cruel to me that I felt isolation whenever I am. Friends are there but I don't see myself happy. Glad that I now have my own family and they make my life wonderful

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1 month ago

I felt alone too before. I though life was so cruel to me that I felt isolation whenever I am. Friends are there but I don't see myself happy. Glad that I now have my own family and they make my life wonderful

We must fight for happiness

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1 month ago