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I Sprouted My Joys in the Dark Winter Times

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3 months ago

On this journey, I try to be content with where life takes me.

And I'm learning to accept that I don't have all the answers to the questions in my head and it's okay.

Instead of trying to find my own way in everything, I'm finally learning to accept what the universe has prepared for me.

I'm slowly learning to accept certain things for myself now.

I'm learning not to force things, even if it's hard.

I have come to accept the fact that there are many things in life that I cannot influence.

I decided to avoid chasing after things in life that weren't for me.

I'm tired of chasing after things that don't stay in place and can't be held as my property.

I'm not going to fight battles I can't win.

I will no longer allow clouds of doubt to obscure my feelings. I'm tired of trying to decipher mixed signals and signs.

I understand the difference between those who want me in their life and those who don't. I allow those who do not want to be in my life to walk out the door without hesitation, they can go.

I have become more aware of what I expect from a relationship and what I will sacrifice to keep it going.

I don't want to share my heart with someone who doesn't hold onto it to protect it.

I am learning to be more grateful for life.

I am learning that life cannot be taken lightly and that I am here for a reason.

Whatever my purpose in life is, I will embark on this journey.

I hope I will learn to grow with a grateful heart and an enthusiastic mind.

I realize how precious and vulnerable life is.

Every day I learn to appreciate the day and understand how valuable it is.

I am learning to be patient with myself, I am making friends with myself.

I realized that there is no need to rush in life.

I remind myself to try one day at a time.

From now on, I neither beat myself up for mistakes I've made in the past, nor let those mistakes define me.

The lessons I learn from these mistakes define me, and I am patient with my progress.

Time will teach me and I will listen.

The wisdom I gain from the lessons I have learned will enable me to more easily face the obstacles that may arise in my path.

I'm learning to stop trying so hard to control my life.

I finally realize that life has its own ways of giving me what I need, not what I want.

I will learn to be grateful for all the memories, bonds, all the laughter, peace and pain life has given me to grow, and to look forward to more to come.

I take things as they are and treat myself with care, every day, as I learn to accept things and allow myself the freedom to not worry so much about the way my life is going.

I am learning to let the force of life move me instead of forcing it.

I am learning to love, to love myself.

If he had spoken, what he felt.

If their joy overflowed from the lasso like a flood

If he had put his smiles on crane wings and wandered in the sky, he would have been in the company of clouds.

If it had sprouted in the tears of joy in the dark winter times, what if the rotten feelings had boiled their resentments in the cauldrons of tears and hung out in public?

If only he could express himself without frets.

What if the heart had a language.

If he knew that he was the executioner of sadness, if he had poured out his heart like an arrow from a bow out of fragile silence.

If he had told about what he had hidden in the most secluded corner and had taken his sadness that did not fit into the sky, he would have taken it out of a handful of places and left it in the eyes.

What if the heart had a language?

I wish all the doors we knocked with love to be opened wide

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Written by   126
3 months ago
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Ohhhhhh! I really feel the tense of your article. Everything you have done all you have accepted will be the best for you po. Ahhhhh so heavy to read this. Anyways I hope magiging okay ka. Nice post po

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2 months ago

Ohhhhhh! I really feel the tense of your article. Everything you have done all you have accepted will be the best for you po. Ahhhhh so heavy to read this. Anyways I hope magiging okay ka. Nice post po

Yes, I feel pessimistic sometimes. Thanks

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2 months ago

I don't know where you coming from but I felt the heaviness of your heart. Words are not enough to make things easy for you but I dpnhope all your hearts desire will be fulfilled. Good morning

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3 months ago

I hope all your heart desires come true.

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2 months ago

Thank you friend. As well as yours too

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2 months ago