I put the feelings growing inside of you into words and let them out

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He fell to his knees in pain and was motionless, not a single sign of life in his body.

But he couldn't die. It was death and life.

It was such a pain that no matter how hard he tried to hide it, the agony swelled out of his skin.

I am sure that the ribs of the universe were broken at that moment.

There was a deep and frenzied ringing, then every sound turned into a hum.

Such a silence descended on the universe, as if a bottomless pit took all the sounds and drowned them.

He was down on his knees in pain.

It was as if she had petrified and died where she collapsed.

But he couldn't die.

It was death and life.

He was helpless.

And God created silence.

He charged her for everything that remained unresolved.

Silence wanted to speak.

He realized it was impossible. Thus he sealed his fate by writing it on his heart;

It hurts so dear. I am motionless. There is no description of this pain, this pain is such a pain that I will never die while carrying such pain.

What do you mean by death?

I bury even death in deep silence.

But there was no sound.

Silence considered the words. The feelings loaded on them. What a lucky one to say.

He stopped.

Hate, love, anger, loneliness, joy, laughter.

Oh, don't laugh until tears fall from your eyes. How far away from me.

To put the feelings growing inside of you into words and let go. Good or bad, relieve and save your soul, proud to go out into the morning.

How lucky they were, he thought.

He just thought about it.

He had to deal with everything that people kept silent, held, swallowed.

It should have even consoled God.

The saddest is; No matter how much it hurt, he couldn't make a sound.

It was that poor white piece of paper that a sharp pencil had hurt, making cuts on it, leaving no meaningful words behind.

Every moment, every second, he was accumulating memories inside him. There were so many feelings, so many sights, but none of them had a sound.

What good were silent and soundless memories?


Would a laugh survive without his voice?

He stopped.

Because nobody knows, they do not know the bottom of the bottomless wells, or because they cannot see, they do not know how full they are. But everything has a limit. An end and a new beginning when it becomes something else.

So what would it turn into when the bottomlessness of silence was exhausted? He didn't know.

shut up


He knew why it was needed. The world had turned into a red planet. To that wretch who had to just watch the end while drowning in her own blood.

There were wounds that even time could not heal. Wounds that the pain never heals. These were the most dangerous wounds.

Wounds that didn't have a cut to heal... could never close...

He looked at the red planet...

How to console all those lost souls…

How would you find a word to describe such atrocities?

Even God had no word.

That's why he created the silence.

And she poured all her pain into him.

He just fell to his knees.

He was silent, motionless as if stone had been cut. How did the man he created come to be?

It was called "World War X". There are not enough people left to count how many billions have died. In that war, the spine of the universe cracked and split in two. The world was now a blood-red glowing circle in space. For centuries, he couldn't get that color off his skin.

God stood motionless on his knees, as if petrified with pain. It hurt so much that it was impossible to die when his heart hurt so much. He couldn't die even if he wanted to. It was death and life.

There was a deep and frenzied ringing, then every sound turned into a hum. All the voices in the universe fell silent.

It didn't even come out. Couldn't get out.

God created silence.


He was silent for centuries.

No one heard his voice again.

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Yeah, he created humans but they revolted against him, then he created silence. Interesting

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