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7 months ago

In the second century AH, Maan bin Zaydah Shaibani, a famous emir, passed away. He was a very brave and kind-hearted man. His generosity was known all over Arabia. He ordered that Maan bin Zaydah be arrested and brought before him.

When Ma'an ibn Zaydah got the news of the caliph's order, he hid somewhere, but all the time he kept saying that the caliph's men would find him one day. Finally one day he disguised himself and rode out of Baghdad on a camel.

A short distance away, a black man suddenly came out from one side and grabbed the reins of his camel and made the camel sit down. Then he took the hand of Maan bin Zaida and said: “Come with me.

Maan said: "Who are you and what is this movement?"

He said: "I am what I am, but you are definitely Ma'an bin Zaydah, whom the Amir al-mu'minin is looking for and whose arrest the Amir al-mu'minin has announced a great reward."

Maan said: "Brother, you have misunderstood. What is my relation with Maan bin Zaydah?"

The black man said: "You can't deceive me. By God, I know you well. Come with me before more people come here in search of a reward."

When Maan saw that the man knew him and would not leave him in any way, he took a diamond necklace out of his pocket and handed it to him, saying: “Brother, this necklace contains very precious diamonds. Their value is far greater than the reward set by the Caliph for my arrest.

Take this necklace and don't be an enemy to my soul. ”

The man stared at the necklace for a while, then said: "This necklace is really precious. I will decide to leave you with it only when you answer one of my questions truthfully."

Maan said: "What is your question?"

He said: "Your generosity and the river Delhi have spread all over Arabia. Tell me, have you ever given all your wealth to anyone?"

Meaning: "No."

Black man: "Good half?"

Meaning: "Not even that."

Black man: "Good one-third?"

Meaning: "Not even a third."

Black man: "Good tenth?"

Meaning: "Yes, it may have happened sometime."

Now the man smiled and said: "This is not a big deal.

I am employed in the government of Amir al-mu'minin Mansoor for only twenty dirhams a month. The necklace you are giving me is worth millions of dirhams. I give it to you so that you may know what generosity is and There are more generous people in this world than you.

Saying this, he threw it towards Harman bin Zaydah and left the camel's reins and walked away. Ma'un called out to him: "O young man, it is better to die than the way you have embarrassed me." Yes, take this necklace. I have gladly given it to you.

On hearing this, the poor servant of the caliph laughed and said: "You want to prove yourself more generous than me. By Allah! This will never happen. I have given you this necklace. Now for me it is Touching is also forbidden. ”Saying this, he hurried towards the city.

Maan bin Zayed has his own statement that I have never seen such a poor man with such great courage in my life.

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Written by   36
7 months ago
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Nice article dear keep it up

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Is really good article

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