A Mother's Sacrifice, The Real Heroine:

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Mother: There is no other word as sweet as the word "Mother" in the world I think!

Hey, my mother, please listen to me, I am missing you so much, my dear Mom. Do you not hear from me? Please, my beloved mom, do respond, your child is crying from her room in her school campus hostel.

Listen to you guys please, my mind was so good today, I have just come to my room and feel so happy because my exam had been so well... But, instead of this, my mind is watching out for that special word, that special person, my dear mom, oh mom can not you hear me? I believe she hears me from so far, but I want to see you in front of mine at this moment dear mother, but she is not aside to me, so now I am missing my dear mother so much, and for this reason, I want to write the article about my mother's sacrifice for her children especially for me! I have already started to write about this special topic, I think actually there in the world every mother is the real heroine, she sacrifices a lot always in everything. I am so lucky to have my mother, I love her so much!

Every morning today, my mother works very hard, she gets up from bed so early in the morning, after being fresh and saying her prayer she cooks many different special dishes every day. She cooks every item we like in the family, she is a hard-working woman indeed, I learn a lot from my mother, she is my best partner in my own world. I miss her in every moment, in every situation, but I do not know why I am missing her a lot now than in the past times!

Every mother in the world is the superwoman, she stays up with us every moment, when I get so hungry then she keeps me fed and cooked my lovely desired dishes. When I feel lonely, she gives up her whole time, actually, it seems that she is born to love me, caring for me and my family. When I feel a little bit sick, she became so worried, awaking that night and not going to the sleeping situation, she became anxious when I feel well and again come to round so quickly, her aim became to this. She is letting to me as she is totally my existence, she spends her time with me, helps me to be myself, and encourages me in every work either it easy or not. She gives so inspiringly to me to do me every task properly. She is my best friend definitely.

I know, nobody can ever exceed the love of every mother to her own child. It has a unique power that is a love that requires this valuable sacrifice that only every Mother can do. Nobody can take care of a child as a mother, it seems that she is born to take care of her children after giving birth to a child.

My dear mom plays an excellent role in the family, which is the powerful engagement in the world may be directly or maybe indirectly. My mother-me relationship is essential for the healthy development of my mind and also in my mental and physical health condition.

Actually, we never fulfill this debt to our mother, there in the world, all children should respect their mother always, never do any hurt to your mother, we should oblige our mother means our parents orders and advice. In the older age of our mother, we should take care of her and obviously our dear parents. We should get angry when she bitting us or scolding us, she does it for our own bright future that we can not realize it at this moment, in our so early age time, we do so mistakes, mother helps us to bring up properly and learning us to do every task accurately without doing the little mistakes, she wants to make us as a real one, my mother is my first teacher, she is my first supporter, she teaches us many things as well as our mother language Bangla and International language, she teaches me doing mathematics, she helps to how to read and how to write properly!

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You won't find anyone in this world like your mother ...noone gonna care,love and protectness for you like your biological mother

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1 year ago

Yea, so true. Thank you so much for the nice comment.

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1 year ago