Cryptocurrencies touched the sky

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1 year ago

Four months ago I wrote an article about the value of cryptocurrencies. If you don’t remember, you can check it out here:

What happened in the meantime? Well, it happened that cryptocurrencies touched the sky ... how- the current value of BCH is an incredible $ 1,500, which is an incredible jump in just a few days. BTC is currently worth $ 57,000.

What do I have to say to all this?

I am sorry that I sold part of my currencies before the New Year, when their price was much lower. I wanted to buy some presents for my family. Now I could buy a lot more gifts for that same amount of cryptocurrency.

I'm sorry about one more thing. As an inexperienced online worker, I invested in the wrong sites, lost a lot of money. It was a great school for my future work. I think that each of us sometimes has to pay the price of our ignorance.

I want to tell everyone who is starting to do business online to be very careful. I also want to tell you to keep your cryptocurrencies, especially BCH, to believe in them because they have an amazing future.

In a few years, the little effort and work you put into collecting cryptocurrencies can bring you huge money and a bright future. Can you just imagine the moment you pay with this money? Can you imagine the endless possibilities yet to come? Some cafes and restaurants in the world already have the option to pay with cryptocurrencies, but this is still a very small number. Why? States are fighting against cryptocurrencies, and consider what the reason is?

In my country, there is already the possibility to legally buy cryptocurrency, and when you sell it, you pay 15% income tax. On the one hand, the state recognizes these cryptocurrencies and begins to accept them, but on the other hand they want to impose taxes. If you did not buy legally, but only sold - the tax is paid on the entire amount. We will see how this develops in the future.

At the end what is most important?

Use every moment on the platform, but also and like ants collect every part of the cookies you get ... and just HODL! It's simple, isn't it?

I do not hide my enthusiasm with these two platforms, which gave me an incredible opportunity to earn money, which I have not had so far on any site of this type.

Thank you again for taking the time to read my article. I hope you enjoyed it!

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