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I'm 15 and I'm pregnant III

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Written by Β Β 29
1 month ago

Good day to all hope everyone is doing well thanks for your time reading this. Enjoy reading πŸ˜‰

Karen's father was so angry, his brother Mark was caught by her father using a substance with a friend, and her father punch Mark badly. Her 3 brothers stopped their father because Mark already have a broken nose.

"How could you do this to us Mark?! we are your family you can talk to us if you have problems, not like this, are you not tired of going back to rehab? what have we done wrong? we always give what you want and this is your way to repay us?!" Karen's father was angry and crying.

Her father looks at Karen with despair, it's like telling her that whatever happened family is family no matter what. She has her dilemma and don't have the courage to tell what it is, she loves her family so much even her mother is far from them they are still whole, love, and protected even their brother Mark was not neglected he was treated as normal in the family. But things are different now it's her own family that is involved. Karen don't know what to do she felt sick then suddenly she fainted. She was rushed to the hospital by her father because she was so pale.

At the Hospital

"Doctor what's the matter with her?" her father asked.

"Well Sir, your daughter is fine she is healthy and her baby too," the doctor told her father.

"What do you mean baby?" asked Karen's father with confusion.

"Your daughter is 6 weeks pregnant Sir."

"What?! she is 15 maybe your just mistaken, just take another test Doc maybe your wrong at first" her father could not accept what he heard.

"No Sir it wasn't a mistake she is pregnant and the baby inside her is doing well but we need treatment for her UTI," the Doctor said.

Karen's father just sat down and stunned he couldn't believe all that he heard, he don't know how to react to it, how could he tell her wife about it and who is the guy impregnate her. His mind was full of questions and why all these problems came up together at once. First, it's Mark then Karen. He was looking at Karen on the hospital bed, he was thinking that she is not her baby anymore how did it happen, "is it Edward?" he ask himself.

"Pa, why I'm here? what happened?" Karen ask.

"Your okay darling, we just talked when we get home." her father's voice was sad.

"Can we go home now Pa? I want to rest in my bed" Karen told her.

"Just rest for a while we will be home soon." her father tells.

They got home the following day, Karen didn't come to school and it's their semestral break. Her father just waited for the right time to ask Karen the real story of her situation, when she recovers and gets better Karen is called by her father.

"Can I talk to you about something?" the father asks.

"About what Pa?" but Karen knows what it is.

"Do you know that you're pregnant?"

"I think so Pa" with a husky voice and her heart beats fast.

"Why didn't you told me?! by whom? is it Edward?!" her father strongly ask.

Karen cried, she don't know how to start telling, she recalls what Edward told her that day in the church.

"I have to tell you something, I hope that you are the only one who will know this"

Karen was crying.

"My Kuya Mark molested me, he raped me last night, he was so strong he put his hand on my mouth that I couldn't grasp some air I don't know what's happened when I woke up I'm in my room and my body is hurting and I saw some blood on my sheets," Karen told Edward shaking with fear and crying.

" You need to tell your father, I know how much you love your father and I can see how a loving family you are, It hurts when the one you trust and love is the one who destroyed your life, the truth hurts Karen but we need to accept it because if you will not face your fear it is you who will suffer in the end," he told Karen with hope and assurance.

" I am so affair Edward, I don't want to lose Papa, he might have a heart attack is he knows," she said.

" Just have faith in God, and I'm here to support you," Edward said.

In front of her father

" Pa, it's Kuya Mark" she cried and hugged her father so tight

" Pa he forced me I'm so affair Pa." she was trembling

Her father was so quiet and he hugged Karen and blame himself, if only he was there that time none of this will happened. Mark was never been well, they just thought that Mark could not harm them because he was good all the time and treat him normally but they're wrong. After her father knew, he sends Mark to a rehabilitation center and Mark was diagnosed with Schizophrenia and there's no assurance that he will recover from it due to his past experiences as a drug addict. Karen's father was so down he told her wife everything and she flew back home right away. Karen's belly is starting to grow, she stopped going to school, they just made an alibi. To hide everything from the gossip they send Karen to the province together with her mother. When the day of her labor it was not easy because of all the trauma she had experienced, because they have the love and support of the family even on their darkest day they always see a light. They all entrust their burden and suffering to God that one day heals each one of them.



Final thought

We do have skeletons in the closet that we can not live behind because it became a part of us, it may destroy us or help us to be a better person. The most important thing in our life is to have a family that supports us and to thinks always that there is God.

Thank you all for your time it's already late, I haven't finished it earlier because I have a meeting, but well I still make it πŸ˜ƒ thank you, and good night. Take care of yourself all.

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Written by Β Β 29
1 month ago
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This was a great story but I am sad at what happened with Karen!

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1 month ago

So sad what Karen had experienced. Using drugs will never give a benefit to someone, it will surely destroy oneself and that was what happened to his brother Mark.

Thanks for this wonderful story.

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1 month ago

It's so sad that one of a family member is using drugs you'll never know when they snap. Thank you for reading πŸ˜‰

$ 0.00
1 month ago

You're welcome, I am always happy to read your works

$ 0.00
1 month ago