Covid-19 & Impacts

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There is no one in the world today who has not heard of Covid-19, from children to the elderly. Not just the name, people are terrified when they hear this word. Covid-19 is a virus that originated in the Chinese province of Uhang. Which has taken its terrible toll on the whole world in a very short time. The corona virus has made a huge difference in the normal human life journey.

Main symptoms of covid-19

1. Fever

2. Cold and cough

2. Shortness of breath

Corona virus is a contagious disease that spreads from person to person through humans. So the government of the country is taking some steps to protect the main corona from infection.

Lockdown :

Many like me may not have known this term before 2016. When karana spreads rapidly in a region or country, the government of the country, with the help of the chief administration, imposes a ban on the normal movement of people. And advises everyone to stay home.

Shutdown or Curfew:

The country imposes a major curfew when the number and death rate of coronary heart disease in a country reaches an extreme level. In this case, no one can leave the house and if more than 3 people gather, they are brought under the legal system and if necessary, firing permission is also given to the law enforcement agencies.

Social Distance :

One of the ways to prevent coronary heart disease is to adhere to social distances. The government has imposed strict restrictions on public places such as market & shopping mall, sports and various social events. All government institutions have been instructed to open or close on certain conditions.

Online Education :

The students have suffered the most in this epidemic. Due to the closure of the physical education system, the normal pace of study has lagged behind. This loss can never be remedied.

Banking System:

In today's world, the least developed and developing countries are so financially backward that they need another 50 years to make up for this loss.

Things to Do :

1. Vaccination of Covid-19.

2. Wearing a mask in all situations.

3. Adhering to social distance.

4. Clean hands by disinfecting for a while.

5. Seek medical advice if infected.

May Allah safe you and your family.

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Have you been vaccinated? Slowly but surely our city is being vaccinated. I hope soon everybody will.

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2 years ago

Yes I already take vaccine

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2 years ago

Good for you. Keep safe always.

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