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What I Watch When I'm Bored...Part 2 (Vloggers Edition)

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5 months ago

Annyenghaseyo chingus (it means HELLO MY READ.CASH FRIENDS) welcome back to my blog. It’s meh again susanavel2005. How are you all beautiful ladies and gentlemen here in

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Let me introduce first my awesome and generous sponsors before I begin with my article. Please do visit them because they are so amazing and you can learn a lot from them.

Tonight my article is all about “WHAT I WATCH WHEN I’M BORED…PART 2 (VLOGGERS EDITION).” This time I’ll talk about some of my favorite vloggers that I am addicted to right know.


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First we have Ms. Mariam Sayed Sameer Marbella Alawi or better known as Ivana Alawi as her screen name. She is a half Moroccan-half Filipina actress, a model, and a Youtuber. This Capricorn lady born on December 25, 1996 (24 years old). Why I love her? Is that she is so kind and she even helps other people who is in need, such a humble woman indeed. She also has a funny personality that you can easily go with. That is what attracts me in her channel the most her goofiness. I also salute how her mother “mama Alawi” raised her childrens not to spend a lot of money on useless things.


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Next up is Donnalyn Bartolome a singer-song writer, vlogger, actress, and also a rapper on her own songs. At the age of 27 years old (born on July 9, 1994), she had produce many of her songs now and also write them. Which is why I like her so much, such a nice role model for everyone. Just like Ivana her personality is also so goofy and have a lot sense of humour. Donnalyn has 2 very closed best friends Zenaib Harake and Jelai Andres also known as DOLAINAB (they are also vloggers). She is also known as the “SOCIAL MEDIA GODDESS”.


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Now, it is about Jelai Andres who was born on February 12, 1991. A filipina actress, social media star, host and also a vlogger. This 30 year old beauty is known for her role as Dorina “Dorie” Quirino in the TV Series “One of the Baes” it is a Romantic Comedy which aired from September 2019-January 2020. I like her because even though her partner cheated on her, she rise with heads up high and stand tall confidently like that break-up was nothing but a bite of a mosquitoe. I'm really wondering why her husband got another girl, she's beautiful and sexy if we base it on physical appearance. A very independent woman who doesn’t need a man.


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And lastly, Donekla in Tandem. It is a Filipino youtube channel starring Donita Nose and Super Tekla. Let me share a brief introduction: Donita Nose, her real name is Rodello Juntos Solano. She is a Filipino trans woman comedienne born in Manila, Philippines on June 29, 1979 (42 years old). While Super Tekla, his real name is Romeo Librada born on January 13, 1982 (39 years old) is a Filipino actor, comedian and television host. He is not a gay, playing gay role makes him famous.

They are both skilled stand up comedians. For the first time watching their vlogs I laughed out loud they were both funny especially Tekla because he is a bisaya his tone was very stiff. It is very clear that they have no script just like the saying “What comes around goes around”. I saw one of their collaboration with Ogie Diaz (a vlogger also) they say that they don’t have script to follow because it won’t be natural if you follow a script. Because of their amazing tandem their channel reach over 1.2 million subscribers in less than a week.

Jokes over jokes, a never ending throwing of punches. You will not be bored watching them throughout the whole video you will burst with laughter. I highly recommend watching their videos your stress will be gone once you watch a video of them.

Oh! It is already 10:59 pm it’s quite late now and I have to wake up early tomorrow because I have a class. So I guess this is the end of my article.

Thank you for stopping by to read my article I hope you like it. I will very much appreciate it if you will visit my page. Sending my online hugs and kisses to all people who have followed my page and always reading it. Also to my sponsors, likers, commentors, readers, upvoters and to Random Rewarder. Goodnight guys and keep safe everyone.

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November 26, 2021

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Written by   51
5 months ago
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Sila din pinapanuood ko sa youtube hehe. Same taste here!

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