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Meditation exercises that relieve stress

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2 months ago

We exercise to feel good, to have a healthy body, to look beautiful. Well, do you know which exercise movements you need to do to get away from stress? You can remove stress with a few simple exercises available, meditation exercises for stress. It has been known for a long time that meditation reduces stress levels and prevents the development of related diseases. I will talk about some basic meditation techniques here, with more detailed support from the experts on this subject. These exercises can be combined with relaxation and breathing exercises.

Meditation exercises to do without getting out of bed in the morning There is one thing we all know well: how you start your day in the morning goes. This is quite true. If a person feels happy and peaceful, everything seems more positive during the day, minor negativities do not change his mood. However, if we think about how bad the day will go in the morning, small negativities in the day make us unhappy easily.

Here meditation exercises help us to start the day well and positively. These can be done easily after waking up in the morning before getting out of bed. So let's do:

Let's close our eyes and take a few deep breaths through our nose and out through our mouth. Let's imagine that we are stronger and healthier with every breath we take, Let's imagine walking on the beach feeling the sweet warmth of the sun on the shore of a sea or ocean, where there is no one, only the sound of waves and the hum of a gentle wind blowing, or we are sitting on a high top of a mountain covered with lush forests, above the clouds, where only the tops of the trees are visible. Let's just watch around and listen to nature. Let's not forget that we can revive anything we want in these places where there will be no one but us if we want. There is no limit to imagination; We can dream of anything that can make us happy.

Let's indoctrinate ourselves that no matter how many negative things happen during the day, we will not lose our positive mood and joy, and that the most important thing in our life is not these negative things, but our life itself.

Meditation exercises that can be done while waiting

Waiting for something can be quite stressful:

Waiting for the result of a test

Sometimes waiting for our child or a loved one to come home,

Waiting in the hospital or practice,

Waiting for a loved one to get out of surgery, etc.

In such cases, stress does not alleviate the situation we are in, on the contrary, it causes us to be affected more negatively and think negatively. So what shall we do;

Let's close our eyes and take a few deep breaths through our nose and mouth,

Let's imagine ourselves at the top of a 10-step staircase that goes down and has a door at the end.

Let's go down the steps slowly one by one, let's imagine that we are getting heavier and more relaxed with each step we go down. Let's feel that we are sitting more buried in the seat,

When we reach the door, let's open it slowly and step inside. Let it be a scene we love most behind the door: a waterfall, a forest with chirping birds, or an image or landscape that we love on vacation,

Let's walk around this beautiful environment, listen, smell,

Let's come to the door again and go up the stairs, feeling relaxed and stronger,

Let's take a deep breath and open our eyes.

Meditation exercises to do before going to sleep

As I mentioned above, when we go to bed to sleep, after a stressful day, the causes of stress come to our minds and delay or prevent us from falling into a deep and restful sleep. These exercises can be done while lying in bed and can also be combined with relaxation and breathing exercises.

Let's close our eyes and take a deep breath, imagine that we are breathing clean, sparkling air and throwing out the used stale air,

As we continue to breathe deeply, let's focus our attention on our big toe. Let's imagine our finger getting warm and relaxed. Let's relax our muscles, let's feel more buried in our bed

Let's imagine the wave of relaxation and heat going upwards towards our ankles, knees, hips, stomach and chest.

Let's feel that there are fingers massaging our shoulders, arms, hands and fingers, and we feel relaxed as we massage. Let this massage continue until you are completely relaxed

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Written by   7
2 months ago
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Tbh meditation really helps me a lot. Especially for mind control and long breath. Which may help cardiac output too

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2 months ago

Definitely very useful in my opinion,very healthy

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2 months ago