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Gym misinformation that everyone thinks is true

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Almost everyone has gone to the gym and exercised.

There are some well-known misconceptions in gyms.

And these false words have become quite common among the people.

It is best to get information from experts in this field on such important matters.

If I give a few examples...

 Don't Work Aching Muscle Groups

Maybe the thing you hear most at the gym. Experts on this subject say, "If you feel pain when you touch your muscles or they restrict your movement, work them another day." It is possible to relieve the pain in your muscles by doing light weight strength training and aerobic movements for milder pain than others. Exercise science professors point us to the right path by saying, “Light weight training provides blood flow to the aching area, eliminating waste materials in this area and supporting the regeneration process.”


If your muscles don't hurt when you touch them after the workout and they don't restrict your movements, you can go to the gym and continue to do weight training for three sets of 10-12 repetitions with a third of your maximum strength.

Lift Weights Slowly for More Muscle Growth

It is a fact that if you lift the mass more slowly in weight training, your training will take longer. However, in a study conducted in the USA, two study groups were given half an hour of weight training. The first group lifted the weights in 5 seconds and lowered them in 10 seconds. The second group lifted it in 1 second and lowered it in 1 second. As a result, the first group lifted 250 percent more weight, while the second group burned 70 percent more calories.


 Gain fast while lifting weights in workouts

Lifting helps increase your strength. But when downloading, you should know that you need to be more controlled and slower. You should take care to work in this way because lowering the weight in a controlled and slow way will allow you to build larger muscle mass.

 Gym Myth More Protein, More Muscle

The Gym Myth More Protein, More Muscle. We all know that protein plays an important role in strengthening the muscles. According to experts, this situation should not be exaggerated. Even after an intense and hard workout, it may be necessary to consume protein correctly. It will be enough to consume 2-2.5 grams of protein per kilogram that you have. Also, since the "excess" protein you consume is converted into acids and nitrogens in the body; It is either converted into carbohydrates and stored, or it helps to be eliminated from the body.


 The most important point that you need to act sensitively should be to ensure the balance of carbohydrates and proteins. For regeneration after training, you should pay attention to the fact that one-fourth of your drink is protein and three-quarters of which is carbohydrates. If you are eating a meal a few hours later, the opposite situation may occur this time. So keep the amount of protein high. In this way, it will be possible to provide maximum protein synthesis.

Gym Myth Squat Is Harmful to the Knees

According to a recent study by an American journal, it has been proven that exercises that work one joint with one leg, such as leg extensions, can be more harmful than exercises that work multiple joints, such as squats and leg presses. Studies have shown that while the quadriceps muscles are working independently in the leg extension exercise, attention should be paid when it creates an unbalanced compression between the kneecap and the hipbone.


knee joints; We should know that it is controlled by the quadriceps and hamstring muscles. Exercises such as squats and leg presses performed with the correct form may damage the kneecap. It will be healthier to work by keeping your back straight during the squat and lowering until your upper leg is parallel to the ground.

 Use Free Weights for Effective Muscle Building at the Gym

Use Free Weights for Effective Muscle Building at the Gym. We know that you can build a good muscle mass with the machines in the gym. Whether you're not using a zone after an injury or you're not getting the right form with a free weight, machines are the right alternative for you. For example; The pull up movement is very important for the back, but if you cannot do this movement, you can try lat pull down to strengthen the back muscles.


If you are a newcomer to sports, it may be useful to prefer machines until you get the right form of movements. however, if you have been doing sports for a long time or if you are a professional athlete, the main movements in your training program should be sets of free weights. Free weights work more muscle groups. In this way, you can help a better muscle development.

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