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Does fat turn into muscle, muscle into fat?

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Does fat turn into muscle, muscle into fat?

This subject is a legend, it is possible to hear very interesting and entertaining comments among the public when the subject comes here. The answer is very clear, of course not.

This is not physiologically possible; fat and muscles are different tissues in the body and cannot be converted into each other, but unfortunately, such a misconception has emerged among the public.

We know that one of the most frequently asked questions about training, bodybuilding or fitness is whether the lost weight will be regained when you stop exercising.

Gaining Weight After Quitting Sports

Exercising consistently is what makes you burn more calories throughout the day. That is, if the number of calories you burn decreases while the number of calories you take in stays the same, it may be inevitable that your weight loss will stop. In fact, we can say that gaining weight is an absolute result for someone who does not train as much as before but continues to eat as much as before.

If you want to cope with the danger of gaining weight; You can reduce what you eat a little or keep everything under control by doing small activities that help you spend energy during the day. The main point is; It's about eating clean!

Gaining weight after you stop doing sports is entirely at your initiative, and if you wish, you can overcome this problem by taking into account the suggestions we have mentioned. Keeping in mind that you can gain or lose weight after quitting sports, you need to make your own choices.

Losing Weight After Quitting Sports

The biggest fear of those who are active in sports life; problems such as losing weight and losing muscle when you quit sports. If you have made sports an important part of your life, but you had to take a break for some reasons; The first thing you should do is pay attention to your diet, you should apply a healthy and clean eating program.

The muscles you gain as a result of long efforts and disciplined work will not melt as easily as you think, but it will be for your benefit to take precautions. We can say that the way to increase your muscle volume and strength is through nuclei called nuclei. These nuclei are extremely important as they carry out protein synthesis.

Training does not create growth in your muscles, but helps to produce more cores, thus increasing your muscle tissue and helping to have more voluminous muscles.

It was said that when you did sports for years and preferred to quit after a certain point, the nuclei died and never reappeared. Contrary to popular belief, studies in recent years have led to the conclusion that the reality is not like that at all, thanks to muscle memory. In short, the muscles that you have created as a result of long efforts have no intention of going away immediately, do not worry…

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Written by   7
1 month ago
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