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Sequential Task I did for a day

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8 months ago
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Date: Friday. 29th of April 2022

Fridays are supposed to be the best day of the week since there's only 16 hours before weekend (if you wake up at 7:00 am) but activities like quiz, assignments, thesis, On the Job Training and Shopping ruined my Friday vibes.

Everyone seems to be in a better mood when they hear the word Friday simply because this is their long-awaited day. But it seems to me that Friday could be a day that is full of works that need to be taken care of.

Yes! It's Friday! but wait, there are still a lot of things to do at school that need to be done today.

Let's start with the first task.

First Task: Problem Set No. 5

It was Thursday night when our teacher sent some attachments on our Group Chat which contains tons of activities that need to be done and pass not later than ten o'clock in the morning.

I was charging my cellphone that time so I saw his message late. I quickly opened the attachment he sent and that's when I saw that we were going to do a problem set to be passed tomorrow morning.

So the first thing I did was to solve some problems before going to bed. Fortunately, my friends also helped me we shared our answers with each other so that we could easily finished our problem set and passed it before deadline. I slept at about twelve o'clock but we still didn't finish answering our problem set because there were many difficult questions that we weren't very familiar with.

I woke up early to answer again our problem set because there's still a lot of situational problem that have no answer. I couldn't have eat breakfast because I was too busy writing solutions.

It will be ten o'clock but I still have two situational problems with no answer. I decided to passed immediately because there are minus points for every 5 minutes late.

Second Task: Quiz 6

After we passed the problem set to our Teacher, he gave us another take home quiz but we had to finish it before four o'clock.

As you can see, these two friends of mine are snowed under because we have much more to answer. We haven't had breakfast yet and it looks like we won't be able to eat lunch either due to the pile of work.

We were starving so we just bought one piece of crinkle at the bakeshop near our school.

It was three o'clock when we finished answering our quiz and finally we can now rest and eat.

We just bought Buko Shake and Burger because we seem to have lost our appetite for rice because it's already three o'clock. There's quite a lot of people lined up so we also waited a long time.

And after a few minutes of waiting, we can now finally eat.

But wait, there's one more task to do.

Third Task: Costumes for Cosplay

My friend ask us for help to look for a costume for his sister's cosplay. It is said that it will be held on Sunday so we need to find a costume immediately so that it will be repaired in case the it was loose on her.

We went to the nearby Ukay-Ukay Shop because there's a lot of cheap clothes and costumes for sale. And after few hours of touring all the Ukay-Ukay Shop in our Town, we finally found the best costume for my friend's sister.

I got home around seven in the evening and my leg was very sore and my knees are trembling because of excessive walking and I felt like I'd run out of energy all day. So when I got home, I sat down first and drank a lot of water because I felt like i was dehydrated because of extreme heat outside. I fell asleep right away because I was worn out all day.

Hopefully, there will be no school works this weekend because I'm so drained the whole week and I need to recharge my energy for the next week.

Students deserve a break too.


Thank you for dropping by.

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Written by   52
8 months ago
Topics: Task, Quiz, Exam, Shopping, Life sharing, ...
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The combo of burger and milkshake is quite different I never ever try this

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8 months ago

Then maybe you should try it sir hehe

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8 months ago

Yes sis Tama ka dpat tlaga my break din ang mga student ehh at nakaka hanga ka kasi mo pang magsulat ehh kaht busy ka

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8 months ago

Di ko rin alam sis bakit nagagawa ko pang magsulat kahit sobrang busy ako hahaha. Sinisingit ko nalang ang pag gawa ng article every break time.

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8 months ago