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Rising Star Progress #Day 236 || Starbits to the Moon! + Thailand Wristband!

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3 months ago

Welcome to another day in my Rising Star space! Yesterday I already announced a big increase in the price of starbits, but today it has gone up even more. I'm going to tell you about my progress and what my strategy is regarding what is currently happening with starbits.

First, let's talk about what has happened these last 2 days with the price of starbits. The usual price of starbits used to oscillate between 0.0001 and 0.00015 before the last few days. Yesterday the price went up to 0.0002 and today it has risen to 0.0003, which is absolutely crazy! It is now worth almost twice as much as before.

Yesterday I sold a few starbits, but today I couldn't help selling all the starbits I had. The strategy I would like to follow is to buy back starbits when the price goes down again, because I think it won't last many days at this price, so these days I will keep selling all the starbits I earn because the price is too high in my opinion.

In principle this is the strategy I want to follow, but you never know what will happen, we know that there are many surprises sometimes and depending on what happens I will make some decisions or others.

I didn't put any instruments on sale today.


Yesterday I didn't buy packs, so it's possible that my position is affected today. Let's see👀

Cool! Well, I was wrong and I've stayed in the same position for another day and I didn't buy any packs yesterday. Today I didn't buy any packs either and it's very likely that I won't buy packs for many days, as I have sold all my starbits at the current price. My goal is to stay in the top 50 until the middle of the year.


A new festival started today in Thailand and will run until the 2nd of February when it will start in Taiwan.

I am quite cautious and bought enough starpro to get the wristband for this new festival and a few more festivals to follow. I got the wristband and it looks like this✨.

Already 29 festivals have been held and I have all the wristbands. My goal is to get the wristband for all the festivals that take place and so far I am well on my way.


I'm currently on the last island after having unlocked all the areas on the map 🗺

I've managed to unlock all the zones on the map, but I still have to unlock the quests in the last zone. I unlocked the first one and now I'm focused on unlocking the next one for which I need to reach the level 250🔥

Today I got to level 222 and I'm slowly getting closer to my goal. It's true that there's still a long way to go, but the important thing is that I keep advancing day by day and the goal is getting closer and closer.

CARDS: 4283
LUCK: 35890
SKILL: 368293
IM: 3218
LEVEL: 222


If you want to start your Rising Adventure as well as support me, you can through the next link. Thank you!♥️

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Written by   1
3 months ago
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