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Play2earn Update - More renting Assets games? Hashkings Asset Renting

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2 months ago

With me spending more time on building a couple of home businesses it has been harder to play games plus I just can't spend hours anymore playing.

I know the original plan while I was off was to play2earn and try to build a fortune but plans change. I am still playing trust me 🤣.
I do not like the fact I have to now make sure I stay in bronze 1 to earn DEC and rewards that #splinterlands update hurt us casual players the most IMO.

So with @splinterlands I have been renting for the most part and that has been able to yield me around 200 DEC but I know if I try I can earn more playing. I do think I am going to play this season and only rent out my doubles and cards I know I don't use just hodl.

With @risingstar I have started playing more and still only got 13 cards left and 8k starbits but I am now wondering if I should buy a few cards or wait and get a pack. The pack is likely the best option. So let me know your thoughts?

@Hashkings has had a nice update that has allowed me to start renting out my assets. I got to admit I don't get this game 😂 but a lot of people do so the renting of assets is a huge thing.

Gnocity is doing well, I check it every day and disable and feed different gnomes. I am slowly making some gnoken by doing nothing but I definitely make more when I actually play the game.
Racing is completely idle so I don't really do anything to that but should buy more vehicles and passes.

That's about all today for what I am playing or doing in NFT games.

Any other games I should check out? I have thought about dcrop but they don't have any packs.

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Written by   6
2 months ago
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