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Hive curation - #25 - NFT Giveaways, Rewards, Curation - Open 5 Days

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2 months ago


Make sure to go check out these great posts, Some are under-rewarded and some are just great posts that I recommend reading. Plus many more have been reblogged

Delegation and Rewards

The 4 tokens I am going to focus on at the start are SPT, ONEUP, WEED, THGAMING. With these 4 tokens they seem to be the most content I curate with minus tokens like PIMP but I might add that token later on.

So the breakdown will be as follows:
50% Is powered up (This is for the projects that payout 100, So to still gain power in those tokens.


25% Will be given back to delegators ( This seems small but with post payouts and curation rewards this should equal to more than just curation rewards)
10% Will be placed in a liquid pool on beeswap
10% Will be sold to Swap.Hive (This is only till the account has enough liquid hive)
5% Sold to DEC, Starbits, BUDS, Crop, Tokens for giveaways.

Giveaway post -

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$ 0.14 from @TheRandomRewarder
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Written by   13
2 months ago
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