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Battle Challenge: Drake OF ARNAK VS WIZARD OF Eastwood

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1 month ago

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When it comes to the dragon battles it is one element I have said before I just don't use enough, being that I am in the silver league that may be why or the fact I just haven't focused on leveling up that splinter.

Mana - 16
Element Choice - Life, Water, Earth, Dragon
Element's Chosen - Earth vs Dragon(Earth)
Rules - Armored up

Summoner - DRAKE OF ARNAK.

So to start the summoner I had was the very basic but deadly DRAKE OF ARNAK. With his +1 armor, it was going to be a given with the rules set of +2 armor.
This is the normal dragon summoner I take, I have a 3 mana but not a skill dragon summoner I never use.

I am pretty sure my last dragon quest challenge was with this summoner as well.

First Spot - Blocker -

This first spot was taken with a blocker, These 0 mana monsters are excellent to take the first hit and maybe even the second. This is something I always do when Ii get the chance to give my tank that extra little bit of security in the first round.

Second Spot - Tank - FLESH GOLEM

This second spot was the tank, I put the Flesh golem in this spot as it has healing and will be able to stand while the blocker is taken out. This has worked in the past many times.

Third Spot - Healer -

This third spot is taken up by the healer, I normally wouldn't take this monster but the Flesh golem had no healing and I knew it was going to need it. It is able to let off a few attacks as well.

Fourth Spot - Ranged - NAGA ASSASSIN

This spot was taken up by another dragon I use almost every time I do play it, I like the speed in this monster with the range it makes it quite deadly and for only 2 mana.

- Battle

Round 1 -

With this round the enemy summoner took away the bonus 2 armor, I am still up 1 with my summoner so this left my whole team with 1 armor. As was though the unicorn took out my blocker( Plan Worked) taking the first blow off my tank.

Check the rest of the battle in video or

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Written by   13
1 month ago
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