Singin' in the Rain

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The rain has always seemed to me a nostalgic and romantic phenomenon... As a child I remember that I loved it when it rained. It was very funny to see how the puddles were formed on the ground where she placed paper boats that I made myself.

Then, when the rain was heaviest, I would run to tell my mother to let me bathe in the stream of water that fell from the ceiling... I remember that the water was very cold and had a very peculiar taste... Yes ... They'll tell me I'm crazy! drink rainwater but I don't know why I did it and the truth is that I didn't like the taste, I know that everyone will say that the water has no taste, but if any of those who read it have tried it, they will agree that the rain has a taste, it's a bit bitter with a slight aftertaste that I can't explain.

Well, that's how I spent many hours dancing and singing in the rain with my sisters, until my fingers and toes wrinkled from being under the water so much and mom sent us to go inside the house for fear of catching a cold.

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Since then I have always loved the rain although many hate it. I remember one day that I was already finishing my work to go home. That day I was very tired and I just wanted to get there, take a shower and lie down in my bed to watch TV, but just when I was going to leave, it started to rain, the truth is that that day I was not so happy to see the rain. I was at the office window looking and lamenting my bad luck, from there I saw how everyone was running trying not to get wet, when suddenly someone powerfully caught my attention. In the middle of all those people who were fleeing there was a girl who was walking slowly while she wet her long hair and also her clothes, she seemed not to care about anything, I remember that I couldn't stop looking at her until she disappeared from my sight. I always wonder what made her so different from others. Why didn't he take cover like everyone else? I don't know why, but there was something almost poetic about seeing her walk so calmly in the rain. It was something that made her seem unreal.

That story of the girl walking in the rain reminded me of one of my favorite movies, it's called Midnight in Paris, directed by Woody Allen... The main character was a very sensitive man who loved simple details like sitting at night to see the stars.... He knew after much searching that he had found the right woman for the simple fact that one day while they were walking through the streets together it started to rain and she kept walking and talking naturally without caring that she was getting wet. It is the last scene of the film and what it conveys is really beautiful.

Photo by Aleksandar Pasaric

There is also a very beautiful song called Tears and Rain, by a singer from the 80s that my mother loves.. It talks about a man who says goodbye to his beloved and just at that moment a heavy rain was falling and although he was crying all the time for her departure, she didn't notice it, because her tears were confused with the rain. It's really beautiful that song reaches the depths of the heart

And to finish I tell you that I love musicals and when talking about the rain, I cannot fail to mention one of the best in history and whose name I had the audacity to steal for the title of this post that you are reading. I would have been 9 or 1o the first time I saw him, falling in love. How to forget that scene where that man played by Gene Kelly jumped over that pole with an umbrella in his hand where he seemed to defy gravity for a few seconds, thus creating that image that is tattooed in the memory of everyone who saw it. It's just that the name of that movie already aroused a fascination in me "Singin' in the Rain", there could be a more beautiful name for a movie. A phrase that invites us to dream and fulfill the greatest and most desired fantasy that all humans have. Which is nothing more than being happy... Yes, just being happy.

Well, now you know something more about me.. That I like the rain, the musicals and that I am very happy that you read me.

Take care of yourselves and do not abuse being in the rain for a long time because you can get sick and that is not romantic at all.

Thank you for reading this post. Blessings for all

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1 year ago


I also love the rain and there's no explanation that can describe my love for it

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1 year ago

Yes, I think many of us have that feeling because of the rain. Thank you for reading and commenting on this post.

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