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SamVeil(A Short Story)

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1 year ago

I am SamVeil.

I don't live in your typical world.

I have my own.

I don't talk, I don't speak, I don't write, I don't read but I do have a mind of my own.

You see, in my world, I am a princess.

Everyone caters to my need.

When I am awake, everybody wakes up.

When I want to eat, everybody prepares my food and readies them on the table.

When I take a bath, everybody prepares my bath and essentials.

When I want to take a walk, everybody scrambles to their feet.

When I don't sleep, nobody sleeps.

Everybody and everyone wait for me.

I cry, I wail and I shout when everything is not to my satisfaction.

One day, when I woke up, everything was so silent and still.

I wondered where everyone was.

I looked around but everywhere I went there's no one there.

Not my Ma, nor my Pa, nor my siblings and all the servants in my place.

Where could they have gone?

I cried, I wailed and stomped my feet but still, nobody heard me.

I've been shouting for quite a while now and still I don't see anyone running to answer my demands.

I panicked and went out of the house.

I ran out in the streets but there's nobody there.

Not a single soul in my sight.

I see cats, dogs, chickens, deers, and all sorts of animals.

But not a single person who can provide me my needs.

I stopped and cried.

I cried so hard that my eyes hurt and my nose turned red from wiping the snots.

I heaved and I cried again.

I thought to myself what a miserable life would it be if I can't find my Ma, Pa, and siblings.

I thought of all the people who served me without showing them any gratitude.

I thought of all the moments I let them suffer and not letting them know that I can understand them.

I saw a tree ahead.

I sat under it.

By this time, I'm so hungry and dirty and I wanted to eat so much.

I just wasn't used to doing things on my own.

I looked up, I saw fruit from the tree.

It's yellow and heart-shaped.

I thought to myself, this must be good.

My family often prepared this for me and they're quite tasty.

So I climbed up the tree and got one for myself.

I ate one, two, three, and maybe four. I was still hungry.

I need rice, meat, my milk and bread and butter, and my veggies.

I got down and fall to my knees.

Then I remembered, my parents taught me to pray.

I begged and I prayed.

"God please help me find my Ma, Pa, and my siblings. Bring back my Ates(pronounced as a-te and refers to an older woman/sister) and Kuyas(refers to an older man/brother)"

Suddenly, I woke up.

It was all just a dream.

From that day on, I began to help at home.

Become friendly and do not demand anything from anyone.

Though I can't talk and can't speak, I show them my smile and help out in any way I can.

-The End-

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Written by   9
1 year ago
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Some act like that and they were not in a dream :D :D

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1 year ago

Feeling entitled, you mean? :D

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1 year ago

Yes and so much more lol!

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1 year ago

@Panky, Thanks for upvote!

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1 year ago

You write good :)!

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1 year ago

Thank you @Stea! I appreciate you liking it.

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1 year ago