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How to Go Out and Spend Less(for the moneyless like me)

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1 year ago

These days, stress is real.

Exhaustion, overthinking, and stuff that bogs one's mind can overwhelm us. The responsibilities we handle daily are too taxing for our souls.

As soon as we wake up, we face cycle upon cycle of work - sleep routine.

I tell you, I'm really exhausted, drained to the point of just wanting to get out of the house for once and just unwind.

How do you do that without spending much? We all know that budget's tight with all bills and whatever essentials at home that need to be met.

This is from my perspective and experience, you may not or may follow my advice.


  1. If you have a motorcycle this is a great advantage. (Of course, driving carefully and making sure you get home in one piece is a must) Cars' gas is too expensive. :))

  2. Make sure you have at least Php500 for spending.

  3. Destination. (It's better when you research before going out)

  4. Bring your own bottle of water(1 bottle costs cheaper when you buy it with your groceries)

The Hows:

  1. First, pray for safety.

  2. Before leaving the house, make sure you left food on the table for your kids and have someone over to watch over them so you won't have that on your mind when you're out.

  3. As you go out, leave everything behind and let your imagination take you to your destination.

  4. Gas up. If you have a petron card that you use during your tanking up, it's time for you to make use of your points. (If you have other point cards, use them)

  5. Make sure you stop at certain places where you see greens a lot or the vast seas.

Money breakdown:

Remember the Php500 I mentioned you should have? Here's how it's used.

Gas: Php200 (Back and forth travel)

Food: Php300 (Fastfoods will do or you can eat at cheap restos)

Simple yet enjoyable, that is if you want economical.

I and my husband often do this. We spend a few hours a week to unwind and just gaze at the sunset wherever our motorcycle bring us.

We live in the Southeast part of Cebu and we often end up in Gaas, Balamban or somewhere south in Carcar or beyond that, or if we feel like going to malls, in SM Seaside with just Php500. You don't have to spend much to unwind. But the best advice for unwinding is to make use of your backyard. Go out of the house and lounge wherever you are. Spend your Php500 for pork or chicken meat or fish and grill them. Go to the nearest beach where you don't need to pay for entrance. Out is still out, you know.

Have fun over the weekend with your love and please take some rest to restore your inner balance!

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Written by   9
1 year ago
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That sounds doable. We have to find ways to spend less especially nowadays. Love those shots!

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1 year ago

Thanks @ARTicLEE. Thrift is life for us these days. :))

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1 year ago