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What's your favourite Wallet in Mobile Phone

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2 months ago
Topics: Wallets

I wanted to publish my article yesterday in daytime. Unfortunately, My laziness doesn't allow me to work sometime. Finding topic becomes tough for writer. Three topics have been revolving in my brain for three days. My mood said me that you should write about "Favourite Wallet " in Mobile App. Some wallet changes our life and helps to making future.

" Are you thinking about "Pocket Wallet "? . But I wanna inform that "Pocket wallet " is not part of mobile phone . Haha. We shall discuss here types of wallet. I am also two leaving question for all users.

I) What's your favourite Wallet in Mobile phone!

II) What's reason of favourite Wallet!

Types of Wallet

There are two types of wallet.

1) Crypto wallets

2) National Wallets

Crypto Wallets

First, we shall discuss about cryptowallets. Crypto wallets are known as international wallets.

There are huge crypto wallets in world. But we shall discuss here three wallets that I use very much.

1) was the first wallet that I installed first time in my mobile phone.I didn't know about importance of such wallet. I downloaded for purpose of noise cash earning. Noise cash earning came into such wallet directly in initial days . With passage of time, I understood importance of such wallet. is known as base of my cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin wallet. com is my favourite and crush Wallet.

Why do I like

The reason My noise cash and Read cash earning is coming into such wallet. is also base of my trading. Because I started trading because of such wallet.

If we are transferring BCH into trust wallet or Binance BCH address , then such wallet shows less fee.People Also like Bitcoin because of low fees..

I am holding 0.034 442 02BCH.

How much are you holding in

Trust wallet

Trust wallet is my second wallet that I created account after

To create account of trust wallet was very easy. I watched video on YouTube for 3 to four times during account creation.

I didn't know how should I add token into trust wallet list!

First, I downloaded trust wallet for #Dogecoincash Earning.

Why Am I dislike Trust wallet?

I consider that such wallet is expensive wallet. Because such wallet demands BNB fees for swapping and transferring Assets. They should take fees but in limit. What do you think about trust wallet BNB fees?

I am using this wallet now for Main App and Tip Me a Coffee (TMAC) earning.

I am not holding TMAC in Trust wallet.

I have 1.17$ in Trust wallet?

276 Main tokens (0.70$)

0.002577 BNB (0.46$)

Which coins are you holding in trust wallet?

Binance Wallet

Question raises that Do you accept Binance as "Binance Wallet "?

we can earn money by staking into Binance wallet.

Binance Wallet is source of conversion of stable coins into national currencies.

Binance wallet is known as P2P and trading wallet in my opinion.

I can't share my binance wallet situation haha. Because my walk is passing from danger zone now..

I also have metamask wallet. But I don't use such wallet.

National Wallets

There are two national wallets in my mobile phone. I use one wallet very much. But I don't use more to second wallet.


Actually, I am using "Jazz SIM ". My cousin works in mobile shop. He said me that you should create account for money transactions. I accepted talk of him..

"Jazzcash " has it's own App. Their service are outstanding and wonderful. We can easily transfer money from such wallet to Bank account..

Mobile shopkeepers are earning well because of such wallet. They take fees 20 Rupees (0.08$) for sending and receiving money at 1000 Rupees (4.85$) . They are earning freely..

There are 6 billions users of such wallet in my wallet..

We can also take bus ticket from such wallet..

We can pay school and university fee easily...

We can send money to other national wallet easily.

We can also take loan easily. Such App is known as "Friend App "


Such Wallet App logo is represented as " e". It's second famous national wallet in my country after jazzcash..

I don't use such wallet more . Therefore, they also don't give me loan. Haha..

Easypaisa App is also giving facilities as Jazzcash including Bus ticket, fees payment and bill payment etc.

I like "" in crypto wallets and "Jazz cash" in national wallet.

Article 08: 17th September, 2022

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Written by   34
2 months ago
Topics: Wallets
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I like binance and Bitcoin wallet it's easy to be used especially for people who doesnt really know

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1 month ago

to be honest my favourite mobile app is bitcoin,cash app as iam new so i dont know much about other wallets

$ 0.00
2 months ago

Now I have only a Bitcoinwallet my friend and I love it so much. I love the wallet app. It's really smooth. I like how it works.

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2 months ago

My favorite mobile phone wallet are wallet and Cctip wallet. Oh, are you active in Tip Me A Coffee site? I was once there but did not continue my journey there.

$ 0.00
2 months ago

I am not active there. But I am starting work again. What is Cctip wallet!

$ 0.00
2 months ago

I also had BCH Wallet and Jazzcash app in my phone. Binance is all good and well known exchange.

$ 0.00
2 months ago wallet remains the simplest and loving to me, the low/insignificant fee always makes me to use it more often. And also, the direct linking to Readcash and noisecash is amazing.

I make use of Binance too

$ 0.00
2 months ago

Coinbase. I don't know why,but it's easy to use.Not like Binance or something.I feel comfortable with it.

$ 0.00
2 months ago