The Book That Changed Me

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In my teens, I found myself with questions I couldn't find the answers to. Not the science kind, but more the religious/spiritual kind. The more I asked of those in the know around me, the more non-answers I got that led me to more questions. I started to look for answers outside my inner circle.

This search continued into my adult life, and one day through a housemate heard about The Celestine Prophecy. Together we went to the bookstore but it was not in stock and we had to put in an order. Hmmm, I was sceptical and wasn't sure if I wanted to cough up money to confirm the order when I couldn't even flip through the pages before deciding. But I did.

Two weeks later, I received the book and got ready to read, not expecting anything really. I highlighted sentences, I dwelled on chapters and slowly but surely, there was a shift in me. The ideas and concepts tweaked my interest and I wanted to understand it more which led me to read more books on the subject.

A work of fiction published in 1993, written by James Redfield, it tells the story of one man's spiritual journey, as he finds his way to the Divine. He presents nine insights from an ancient manuscript discovered in Peru in 600BC.

The book came under heavy criticism, some branded it a New Age waste of time. They thought it far fetched, lacked conviction and uninspiring. However, for me, the story got me thinking and exploring. I began to read and question things in the universe and around me. The book made me grow as a person.

My thoughts, ideas and understanding of circumstances around me began to alter. I became more aware of people and situations. I began to see the strings that connected seemingly unrelated events. I started looking beyond my bubble. I got into the habit of allowing, giving space to more than what's on the surface. I questioned and was open to listening to answers that were unfamiliar.

I believed that everything was energy and I could manoeuvre and guide, the very thing that The Secret introduced to the world a few years later. It was our focus, belief and energy entwined that created outcomes and situations.

I started pulling back on the blame game and playing the victim. I took back my power and stopped giving that responsibility to another. On the other hand, when I played villain, I was able to catch myself.

Have I reached my inner peace? Just call me a work in progress. A journey as I make a conscious effort at being mindful of my thoughts and actions. I do drift away sometimes, but am able to catch myself. There's a calm knowing there's a bigger picture. It enables me to take a step back and look at what's really going on. If not immediately, in due time.

I would suggest this book to anyone who wants to expand the way you see the world. However, if you are religious in your given faith, you may not enjoy the book, as it will challenge what you believe. So, if you are in a good place, leave it be but if you are looking for some answers, perhaps it is here in this book, The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield.

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