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Remembering Lola Luz

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3 months ago

Last September 8, 2019 ago we had to drive down to Caba La Union from Baguio City to pay our respects to our beloved lola Luz who died last September 2, 2019 due to an aneurysm. She's the mom of our uncle. I guess that it was really her time already, she's 91 years old when she passed away. Her interment is today September 12 at 9:30 but I wont be able to go because of work. This is a photo of her and her late husband who is my grandfathers brother..

I remember whenever we go down to meet her every year, she used to hug me so much. She was really a kind person wherein whenever I see her she always has a smile on her face. One of my colleagues was lucky enough to witness her generosity. He was telling me the story that when she practiced being a Doctor, the check up in their house was free, so a lot of the people would go to their house, and he told me that she was also his family's physician. He also said that she doesn't get angry and she had a very sweet voice. May you rest in Peace Lola Luz.

My mom decided that we should visit her during Sunday while its our day off. I traveled with my mom and my 2 other siblings. This was where we passed going to Caba, we passed Naguilian road. This was the very first time that I drove going down with the weather so bad. It was raining hard. It was a 2 hour drive because they were constructing some of the roads there making it one way.

Thank God we got there safe. Once we got to the house where her wake was being held, I brought the car in their backyard thinking that it would be easy to park in there. The water was actually deep in their yard. The car actually got stuck for a while in the mud so my mom was telling me what to do. The rain was so strong that no one noticed us going back and forth trying to go out. After 5 minutes we were able to go out and we just parked in their main entrance.

This was the setup of this wake, she was placed in front of their house. There were a lot of people paying their respect.

All their dogs were present lying in the flattened box.

Don't they just look adorable?

The adults in that table were playing a card game and in the other table the kids were playing with their mobile phones.

They had a scaffolding put up for the tent that they were setting up.

They actually fed us when we got there.

This is their grand piano, we were actually bonding inside the house with my other family members while my siblings were playing the piano.

Their Phones just looked so amusing to look at, I'm not sure though if they are still working but there were wires connected to it. It made me remember of my childhood when I used to play with this type of phone where I would put it all the way to 9

We looked at the back with my brother and saw this... I never imagined that this would flood in their backyard this bad because whenever we went here it's always shining. We even spotted a frog swimming in it.

This was the altar of Lola Luz which my uncle fixed. She used to pray here everyday.

We went again to the back with my sibling and we saw this goose in the water, we thought that the goose was floating but in the end it had it's just standing. But it sure was amusing to watch it bath. It was pretty loud too.

September 8 is actually the Birthday of mama Mary and World Physical Therapy Day. It made me thank God that I'm an extension of God's healing hands. I also took photos of the grotto that my uncle built in their yard.

It had a very tall coconut tree beside it.

Before leaving for Caba we went to Bauang La Union to gas up because gas is a lot cheaper in this place. Imagine that the difference of gas was 6 pesos per liter. It saved us a lot. There was like a mini flood in that area. It just shows how strong the downpour of the rain was and that the drainage system in this place was poorly made.

When we were going back up to Baguio the rain was still strong. I let my mom drive because I was sleepy. In the end it was surely a fun trip, I got to bond with my family members and relatives, experience La Union with a different weather( I just had an uncomfortable feeling wherein I thought that it would be cold because of the rain but it was still hot).

May you rest in peace Lola Luz. Thank you so much for inspiring us to become a better person like you. We love you!

Thanks for reading!

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Written by   17
3 months ago
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