Last day of the Year! Happy New year!

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Here's how I spent the last day of the year before new year eve. I woke up in the morning and took a photo before leaving the house. I had to attend a 40th day memorial service of my patient at 9 am .

I was kinda late when I got got there. They already started. After saying our prayers, they fed us.

I had to accompany the people who were in charge of the service, to the jeep station. This was the view from the walk.

When I was looking at this view, I said to myself that I hope everything won't become buildings in the future, that the trees will be preserved. I kinda stayed at the house of my patient for a long time just talking with the family and asking how they were doing.

When I got home, I took some photos of the flowers in the garden of my grandma

We had to go to mass for New Year and my family decided to go to Baguio Country Club, While waiting for it to start me and my brother took some photos of the view there .

I think that there was going to be a reception in this place.

The moon just seemed fun to play with.

Too bad we were not able to see the sunset, but I love the colors that it brings to the sky

We attended mass here at the Ballroom, there were a lot of people.

This is currently hanged in one of my grandmas trees. I really hope for Peace on Earth.

We dressed up our dog for photo taking, He looked cute but he hated wearing it.

This was the food that we ate for New Year's Eve. Tacos and Spaghetti.

The food was really delicious.

My brother made a Spaco(Spaghetti+ Taco)

We also had Blueberry and Cherry Pie for dessert.

While waiting for New Year's Eve we were playing with the Corgi of my cousin

We watched Fireworks in the end

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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3 months ago
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