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An Experience I'll never forget

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5 months ago

I'll never forget this moment"
Growing up I've never known what my blood type was until one day before employment, I had to know what was my blood type for my ID. I was lucky enough to see that there was a booth for donating blood. I tried to ask them if they would do it without me donating blood and they said no so I had no choice and i started filling up forms and had a short interview. They punctured my finger first to see my blood type and I was an O Rh Positive.

It was my very first time to donate blood. It was an intern who was doing it. I actually had trauma from getting extracted by an intern before because while they were taking blood from me I almost passed out where my eyesight was turning dark, they were asking if I was okay, I was so stupid to say that I was. After they extracted me I asked them if I could rest a little and I drank water. I became okay after that. Going back to the story.

They put me in a very comfortable chair and told me to stretch out my arm. When I saw the needle that they were going to use in my mind I was like Oh my...... Is this needle really going to be this thick. They inserted it and there was no blood coming out, they had to reposition and it hurt while they were doing that. I also had a ball to squeeze. There was a time that I was light headed but I fought it.

Left Arm

I thought from there it would be okay until one of the interns noticed that there was no blood coming out. The intern told their head. The head decided to extract me in my other arm. I tried it in one spot but nothing was still coming out so they transferred it too another spot. There was really nothing coming out. They told me that they won't be able to use my blood because it was only half filled. They told me to come again next time.

Right arm

I really didn't know what got into my head to do this but it sure was an experience that I'll never forget.

Thanks for reading!

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Written by   16
5 months ago
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Interesting! Never donated the blood myself, so it was a curious read.

I think the formatting could use a little more space between paragraphs. Right now it's a bit too dense - adding a paragraph break or a few would definitely help.

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5 months ago

Oh cool, you should try it.

Thanks for giving me a feed back I shall fix it. Have a great day ahead!

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5 months ago
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