The Importance of Client Communication

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3 years ago

First of all in any business, communication is one of the most important things to uphold and maintain, whether it’d be between the employees or the client. Communication means, you have a mutual understanding of what is the message being relayed to you, of what is being spoken and that both parties, understand completely and do not have a different understanding of what was discussed.

Client communication isn’t merely just talking to your clients; it is many things that affect not only the client, the employees or an individual but a whole company or business. It is important to have a stellar and clear understanding of what a client needs and wants, by knowing what their vision is and vice versa and by not making assumptions about what they want. Let us take for example, a front-end programmer, you have to ask exactly what design the client wants and not by just going through with your own design.

To be truly innovative, fast and progressive, it is required to have an understanding of what the clients are interested in and what would benefit them. This is done by relaying to the client what you think would be an appropriate input, an example would be a back-end developer suggesting a function that would be great for a website or application, however this does not mean that their ideas will always be approved by the client, as the client’s requirements are first before anything else, as we should not push our ideas on to the clients, we simply should make what they want.

It is understanding what their experiences are and being able to empathize and respond appropriately and also to relay to the client exactly what they are paying for, whether it’d be a service or a product.

The ability to listen to your clients properly gives them an understanding that not only does the company care for them, but that they are also very competent and can do exactly what is being tasked, or better. However, failing to have a proper communication with your clients would result in not only a dismayed client but also a reputation of an incompetent employee, a failed business or worse, a lack in improvement in skills which is one of the ways to success.Being able to prove that you have mutual understanding shows a remarkable improvement in skill. Thus client communication is important and should be prioritized.

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3 years ago