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3 years ago

Midnight snacks are... well of course the food we enjoy eating as snacks when its already 12:30 am and we are still watching a movie, scrolling down on facebook or seriously rendering a night to finish a project. Midnight snack could be any food you find in the fridge or pantry as long as it would fill your starving stomach and keep you awake to finish the overnight activity. Remember they are just snacks, they are not supposed to make you full because it will make you feel more sleepy. So my suggested best midnight snacks would be the following:

Chocolates. Chocolates-the dark ones- boost your brain power. So it'll now only keep you awake and make you happy, it will also help your brain alert in the short term.
Drinks. Whether it is hot or cold, grabbing a drink (not the ones containing alcohol) would surely help you stay up at night. The cold drink will serve as a refreshment such as frappes or other frozen drinks like slurpee. The hot ones will wake you more: coffee, hot chocolates, etc.

Chips. Chips are nice and they are of great help. While watching a movie, nibbling something will keep you updated and more focused on the story.

Pizza. Careful to pizzas because they are traitors sometimes. Because of it's flavor you will keep on asking for another slice and will eventually make you full thus, bigger chances of falling asleep. But who would say no to pizza? anyone?

Cookies. Peanut-er cookies are always to the rescue for a midnight snack and it's the perfect pair of milk. Midnight conversations over a gl of milk and some cookies are sometimes the most unforgettable ones.

Burger. The easiest snack to get when you are living near to a 24/7 burger station. Another good thing is that it's commonly sold as buy 1 take 1. More for everybody!

Popcorn. The clic all-time favorite. It's affordable and if you have your own cheese powder, go my son, take advantage of it! Super cheesy popcorn enhances your taste buds, helping you to be alert and avoid feeling sleepy too. Pair it with soda for a perfect movie marathon

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3 years ago