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What is Bitcoin Cash?

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2 years ago

The video below is a funny, educational, and insightful talk that I gave in 2015 called "What is Bitcoin Cash?"

This talk was originally entitled "What is Bitcoin?" because it was originally describing Bitcoin (BTC), but all the things that I discuss in the video no longer apply to BTC anymore, ever since the BTC network was artificially crippled & artifically limited.

However, the video DOES perfectly describe Bitcoin Cash (BCH), which carries on the original bitcoin blockchain (dating all the way back to the genesis block), and which carries on the original vision of a permissionless, decentralized, peer-to-peer electronic cash system.

In this talk, I introduce people to 3 of the major benefits of a decentralized currency.

What happens when we decentralize money? We get:

  • Financial fairness

  • Financial innovation

  • Financial freedom

This video discusses many of the advantages of Bitcoin Cash being independent money — money that isn't controlled by the state.

Hope you enjoy! 😀

(Filmed at Austin Nerd Nite — Austin Texas, April 2015)

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